Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cousin Adventure #1 Making Our Shirts & FLUBBER!

It's cousin adventure time again - Hooray!!  To kick off our adventures this year, first we had to make our awesome shirts!  This year we tried a new thing - we colored with crayons on sandpaper, and then ironed it onto the shirts.   The kids had a great time making their designs, and they turned out pretty good!  Some of them were a little light, but it's all good...  Oh, and Sinda and Dean get to join us this year!  Yay!

 After shirts, we made flubber with the kids.  Of course they loved it, and are still playing with it days later!

Finish off the adventure with a little ice cream, and you have 10 happy kiddos & 3 happy mamas!

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