Wednesday, May 22, 2013

6th Grade Graduation

I was excited for the 6th grade graduation this year.  Matt's done so well in school that I was excited to see what awards he received....and of course he received EVERY SINGLE AWARD offered!  Honor Scholar, Citizenship, Attendance, Presidential Physical Fitness Award, and Peer Leader, and Responsibility.  Cute kid even gave in and smiled:)  The funniest thing though was when Cole Morrison passed out:) That sure ended the graduation quickly:)

 Then we had yummy cupcakes (I made and took Matt safe cupcakes for him) and had fun taking pictures with friends

 Then Mike had to go back to work and Matt and I went to lunch at Olive Garden with friends.  We were so stoked to finally find food there that he could eat!  He and Tommy Clark were the only boys but they weren't complaining!

I can't believe we are almost done with Elementary School!

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