Friday, May 3, 2013

School Carnival

Ok...its been a LONG year as PTA President.  I'm tired.  That being said I still had one more BIG things to do.....the school fundraiser/carnival.  We weren't going to have a spring fundraiser but after the horrible school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary our school district decided that they needed to update each and every school's security system and asked the PTA's at the school's to hold a fundraiser to help.  SO we did. Some people weren't happy.  Some loved it.  I personally was terrified that we wouldn't succeed BUT we did!  We raised $4,044.15 that night!  And with that and what we were then able to grant on top of that and some matching funds from the district's foundation we were able to raise a total of $8,359.15!!!  So many people stepped up and helped me out!  Jen Moss and Sarah Cox were life savers!  Hopefully we will have camera's up and running by the time school starts in the fall!

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