Friday, May 10, 2013


Well....for the first time since my kids started playing comp soccer we figured out a way to have Matt's friend party in the MONTH OF MAY!  Usually it's been June before we had an open second, but this year we had an open Friday night!  It actually happened BEFORE his birthday!  He invited a ton of kids from school and his soccer team and we had a fabulous chaos for several fun hours!

We started off by playing capture the flag.  I am very thankful for patient neighbors.  The kids were all over the place!  It was so great!
 Then we came back here for camp fire, smores, presents and cobbler!  Matt was spoiled rotten and was honestly floating on cloud nine!  I'm so glad that he has such great friends.  It makes all the difference!
And for once I don't feel  like a bad mom for postponing Matt's party!

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