Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Bike Ride!

2 years in a row we've gone on a great Memorial Day bike ride, and for the second year in a row we got caught in a crazy rainstorm! It was nuts and SO FUN! I love my family! Oh, and I have to mention that for some reason Lucas refused to let Mike put the cover on the trailer. It wasn't until he was soaked and freezing and ALMOST HOME......that he finally gave in and let Mike cover them up :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More "Fun" Flooding Pic's!

Waters are still arisin'! It will be interesting to see if things keep getting worse or if the weather stays mild enough to melt the snow pack slowly!

Friday, May 27, 2011


This afternoon, after everyone had brought their crud home from school and dumped it all over the floor.....(it honestly looked like the school paper fairy threw up) Tyler and I went to a party! A few mom's planned a party and invited everyone in the grade. I am just glad I wasn't one of the planners this time :) ANYWAY, there were a lot of treats and a lot of minute to win it games, and the kids had a BLAST! Then after dinner the kids went to the park and spent the night playing night games......I had to make Ty and Matt come home by 10 though because of a soccer tournament the next morning at 8:30 :) I'm so glad that they had such a fun last day of school!

Another Year Comes To An End!

I really can't believe it but we're done with another year of school! It seems like it all went by SO quickly! It feels like sand is slipping through my fingers! Anyway, we had a great time passing out gifts and saying our goodbye's. Mike made some wonderful boxes for Mrs. Whitney and Mrs. Sewell. He burned a road runner on the top of each and put the dates that they've been at Riverdale on the sides. I LOVED them! The other 2 teachers got beautiful pen's also made my's so nice to have such a talented husband! Every year the Fire Department spray's the 4th-6th graders and I love to go watch! This year Nick couldn't keep himself out of the mix :) I am so excited to spend the summer with my kids and just relax!!!!


We have all been a very emotional time for those of us at Riverdale Elementary. Our wonderful principal, Mr. Hales, is retiring. We all LOVE him so much and will miss him SO MUCH! Sadly we are also losing Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Sewell, Mrs. Jensen (to retirement) and Mr. Porter and Mrs Wilde to another school. AHHHHH what will we do without them??? Anyway, we wanted to put together a fun farewell assembly and so we decided to make it an ALOHA assembly. I had fun decorating, and making Mr. Hales gift. I had each child in the school write a letter or draw a picture and then I put them into a book. Well, actually it ended up being 4 books. We also had some wonderful kids do several Polynesian dances. We made Mr. Hales dress up and all those leaving had to do the dances :) It was so much fun and I made it through my part without crying much! But man I am so going to miss all of them!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chopper 5

After 6th grade graduation we got word that Chopper 5 was going to land out on the ball diamond! They were working on putting together a whole 30 minute piece about the tutor program that we (and several other schools) are trying out. They use the Americore program, and volunteers/service missionaries from the LDS church. It's actually an amazing program, but the kids were all just excited to have a chopper land on the field! I sure love our school!! And doesn't the sky look AMAZING!

6th Grade Graduation.....Tyler is AMAZING!

Today was 6th grade graduation and I am SO proud of my wonderful Tyler. First off, I have to say that he's SO STINKIN CUTE! Second, he is SO polite! Third, he won EACH and EVERY AWARD given out at Graduation. I'm not kidding! He won, the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, the Attendance Award, Citizenship Award, Highest Reading Minutes, Peer Leader Award, and High Honor Roll Award for getting all A's ALL YEAR LONG! I have to say that I am just so PROUD of him for working so hard. And unlike every other year he really did have to work! His wonderful teachers pushed him hard. They REALLY made him work for those A's and it was SO good for him!!! After the graduation we all went to the library for cake.....and I have to say that whoever decorated for that and whoever bought the cakes was amazing!!! Just Kidding :) There were lots of us :) It was fun to have Mom and Don there with us too.

After graduation we took the kids and went to lunch at IHOP with a bunch of other kids.......and that's when I remembered that my wonderful, amazing son was.......a 12 year old boy :) ahhh I sure love him!