Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top O' The Mornin To Ye!

I LOVE St. Patty's day! We look forward to it from Valentines Day on! The boys made sure that they were wearing green before they went to bed (you don't want your brothers to get you when you are blurry eyed you know!). Then we started the day with green pancakes (Matt did pinch Mike before he got his green on!), then we had green Ramen for lunch (the noodles totally sucked up the green food coloring!). And our traditional green eggs and ham for dinner! SO much fun!!! I love me some leprechauns!!


I just realized that I never blogged about Matt's Basketball Championship game last week! They had gone all season without a loss and were pretty excited! They won their first game handily, but the second game was killer! They were so tired (we were missing 2 kids so no one got much of a chance to rest) They played SO hard! 2 kids fouled out so then we were playing 4 kids to their 5! We were winning right up to the last couple of minutes when the other team went up by 1. 1!!!!! We ended up passing the ball in, with 2 seconds left, just under our basket. Matt passed it in to Mitchell who shot hit the rim, bounced around and.....didn't go in. We lost by 1!!! Matt and Mitchell were in tears because it had been up to them and they had been fighting for the win SO HARD! I was so proud of Matt. He played so hard and had such a great time! It was also fun to coach with Mike. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Mom, Don and Oveson clan for coming to support Matt!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Addison

Well, we were so lucky today. We got to meet our darling little niece. Someone had been sick around here since she was born and we haven't wanted to share those lovely germs with Addison, but everyone is healthy and Paul and Clerie were headed up to her mom and dad's in Tremonton and they stopped! She is so beautiful and we are SO excited to have a little girl in the family! I got to buy little pink clothes! The boys had so much fun holding her and smelling her head. The conditioner Clerie uses on her hair makes her smell like a Strawberry Shortcake doll! We love you Addison!


A while ago Tee and Melissa said that they would "love" (haha) to have the boys come and sleep over. So Mike booked us a room at the Providence Inn Bed and Breakfast. Well, needless to say life got a little busy and we pushed it back. Then we were all set to go and......Matt had a basketball tournament come up. We decided to push it back again...but Mike forgot to cancel the reservations and guess what??? You can't cancel with in 7 days of your reservation, but that was ok because we had 10! Here's where the problem comes in. Mike forgot. Just forgot! So we were stuck paying for a room we couldn't use. So after a LOT of finagling and deciding to have the boys skip school (shhh) we headed to Logan last night!

The boys were so excited to stay with Tee and Melissa, and they had the greatest time. They made blanket forts and played video games. Ate yummy food and played more video games. Slept (kinda) and played even more video games! And guess what? Melissa has a DS which made her even cooler in their eyes!

Meanwhile, Mike and I had a yummy dinner and headed to the Inn. I love a jetted tub and a soft bed. I kept waking up during the night thinking "haha! I'm still sleeping!" It was SUBLIME. SLEEP! I LOVE SLEEP!!!

Thanks Tee and Melissa!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's All Because Of The Cheese!

I HATE when I make dinner just to mess it up! GRRRRRRR. Today I really wanted to tell Mike to bring dinner home (we had been out working in the yard all day)but then the guilt set in and I decided to make dinner. I put together a "Taco Lasagna" as we call it around here. I was putting the last of the cheese on the top when I realized that it was green. Green cheese is generally a BAD thing. I scraped it all off and put on different cheese. HOWEVER, there was still the cheese in the middle. I didn't remember seeing and green cheese. OH WHAT TO DO?!?!?!?! So we cooked it and dug first I thought we were going to be ok, but NOPE! YUCK! So we loaded up and ran to Little Caesars. So much for THAT!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Bunch of Ski Bums

Today was GREAT! The boys wanted to go skiing REALLY bad. Bad enough that they wanted to spend their own money! So today Mike, Tyler, Matt, Isaac and Lucas left here at 1:00 and headed up to Wolf Mountain. Nick and I headed up after nap time! Mike gave Isaac and Lucas a quick lesson and they were off! I was amazed to see them tearing up the hill when I got there! Tyler and Matt were having a great time too! Nick was just happy to be outside.......until Mike picked him up once and skiied down the hill. Then he refused to come to me. He only wanted his Dad! I spend the day running up and down the little hill helping Lucas get back up and making sure that everyone was ok. I was VERY impressed with the workers up at the resort. They were so helpful with the little kids. One even helped Lucas figure out how to turn. He asked him if he knew where his belly button was. Lucas said "yeah" and pointed. The guy told him to point his belly button whichever way he wanted to go and that would turn his feet. MAGIC!! Each run Lucas yelled "wahoo!!!" The entire time! Isaac however was VERY serious. Smile from ear to ear, but VERY serious! After 4 1/2 hours I took Iz, Lucas and Nick home. Mike, Ty and Matt stayed a few more hours and then headed down the hill. I have a house full of exhausted, sore and HAPPY boys! You can't ask for anything better than that!!!


Well another Pig Day has come and gone and it was a BLAST! We were all sick and so we were missing the Oveson's this year. That means that I won the snorting game. I guess that there is something about your mom and wife snorting in your face that just makes you laugh! OINK!!!