Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oink Oink

Ok so please KILL ME NOW!!!!! The swine flu has hit our house with a vengeance! My throat started to feel a little bit scratchy during Sunday School on Sunday. By the end of Church I didn't know how I would walk to the car. The body aches are the worst. Anyway now everyone except for Mike and Isaac are sick and miserable. It was "do able" while Mike was here Monday and Tuesday. Today however he's at work and I don't know if we're going to make it. I just want to die!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playing "Catch Up"

Over the last month or so there have been SO many adventures! Here's a bunch of those pictures!

This week we were hit with a CRAZY hail storm!!

Mike is going to great lengths for this campaign

The Tracy Aviary with Grandma and grandpa Over UEA!

I got to go make corn husk dolls with Tyler's class! It was so much fun! We have such great teachers!
One weeks harvest from our garden! It's been a really good year!
We lost our keys...Our one and only van key! We had to make sure that they weren't in the garbage can. The only problem was that we'd been canning pears and tomatoes! ICK

Tyler finally got his BB gun! We told him that once he earned his arrow of light it was his!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well it's soccer time again! Only this year we have 3 boys playing and Ty is also refereeing. WE LOVE SOCCER!! (I'm just thankful that I have wonderful friends that help me get kids where they need to go!)

Preschool Field Trips to the Fire and Police Stations!

I love going on field trips with the preschoolers, and 2 of my favorites are the fire and police stations.

We went to the Washington Terrace Fire Station and they were wonderful with the kids. Lucas however remembered going last year with Mike and Isaac, and he was sacred. The "Darth Vader" Fire Fighter was all he could talk about. But we had a wonderful lady showing us around and when it came time to show the kids her equipment she brought it all into the room and let the kids watch her put it on. Lucas was totally fine! SUCH a smart lady! The kids always look forward to spraying the fire hose. This year however we had some silly little boys who decided that they really wanted to get wet, so I think that the new favorite thing is now GETTING sprayed by the fire hose instead of spraying it!

"Stop Drop and Roll"

The next week we went to the South Ogden Police Station. The officer who showed us around was great with the kids. You could tell that he had little ones of his own! He put the kids in a holding cell and had them "walk the line" that they have painted in the holding area! When we told the kids that we were going to see the place when they kept the "bad guys" they all got a little jittery. They thought we were going to put them in with bad guys! As we were getting ready to leave we set the kids up with the officer for a group picture and he offered to hold Nick for it. After the picture I went to get Nick from him and Nick refused to come to me. He shook his head and snuggled into the officer! It was hilarious!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Get Your Kids to Listen to General Conference

Every time General Conference comes up we get a bunch of different finger foods, make a list of words to listen, and when we hear those words, we get the assigned finger food. Well, Isaac will shout out the word over and over if we didn't notice it being said, so we didn't use the word "God" this time, but "Jesus" is still on the list, for which you get a peanut. Well, in Typical Isaac fashion, he was just repeating over and over that he had heard "Jesus" and Liz was in the middle of having three children speaking to her at the same time, and climbing up the treats table, with her trying to pay attention to each in turn. Finally as Isaac grew more impatient and louder in his shouts, she turned to him and flusteredly said "YES, Jesus is a nut."...