Monday, January 31, 2011

Soup and Rootbeer Floats

Ok, so most of us now have the flu. Mike and Tyler are still ok (knock on wood) but the rest of us want to die. Today after lunch my wonderful friend Jamie showed up. She had dinner with her. Soup, bread sticks and soda. I felt total relief. I had been stressing about it all day, which is silly because Mike is great at cooking, but with everything else that had to be done I was stressing. Poof. Stress gone. When Mike got home I went straight to bed and didn't even give it a second thought!

Then later tonight I was laying on the couch feeling cruddy and thinking to myself "maybe after the kids are in bed I can beg Mike to go get Root beer Float stuff". You see, in my life that makes everything better. In that exact moment (and I'm actually not exaggerating) there was a knock on my door. Of course it was my wonderful sister. She had to come over to Sams for some stuff and thought that maybe we could use some Root Beer Floats. I actually sat down on the couch and cried after she left. It's nice to know that people have my back!

Thanks guys. I love you!

I have to add that On Tuesday my mom called. She and Don had ordered Pizza and it was being sent to my house for dinner. Then Wednesday my wonderful visiting teacher showed up with home made chicken noodle soup. I wouldn't have made it through last week with out everyone's help. Love you guys!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I HATE that we spend so much time in the doctor's office this time of year! In all honesty it hasn't been that bad this year, but the last 2 weeks have been sweet Nick just seems to be catching EVERYTHING that comes his way. Last weekend we woke up to his fighting for air. Mike ran him in to the Doctor at midnight, and even AFTER breathing treatments his blood O2 levels were only 82%. Finally he came up to 90% and the Doc let them come home with a steroid shot, liquid steroids and Albuterol. Finally by Wednesday he was totally better. Of course them last night we were back at Wee Care. Double ear infection and Influenza A. Grrrrr. The funny thing was the Doctor. He came in, looked at Nick's file and said "Hey wait, didn't I just see him?" uh yeah. Sadly. Nick's fever was 104.6 with Med's. Poor kid. I'm sure hoping it doesn't make it's way through the whole family!!

A Sad Mom Moment :(

This morning I had a sad "Mom moment". Lucas was sitting with me and Mike on our bed and we were talking about the book of St. Luke in the Bible. We were telling him about what a good missionary Luke had been and that HE would be a good one too. Lucas looked up at Mike and said "Is Candyland a real place?" Sigh. Lucas has said since he was about 2 that he wanted to go to Candyland on his mission. It's one of my very favorite things that Lucas says. Mike said "no not really". Lucas said that he kinda figured, and I started to cry. My little ones are growing up way too fast!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hardware Ranch

This year for Christmas Mom and Don decided that rather than give us all more "stuff" that we didn't need, they would give us the gift of time. Everyone got to draw 2 months for "activity months" and 2 months for "dinner months". That way we get 4 times a year with them, just US AND THEM. I thought it was an awesome idea actually. SO, since January was too nutty for the Ovesons we traded them and got to play this month! We tried to go last week but Nick was sick. Really sick. We rescheduled for this week and....Nick was sick. So I gave him medicine and went anyway! I really just thought it was his ears and planned to go to the Doc when we got home. ANYHOW, back to our" play with Grandma and Grandpa Day". We left Riverdale around 11:00 (post soccer) and headed up to Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area. I haven't been there since I was about4. I remember being there and feeding the Elk as a little kid and was VERY excited to see how the kids liked it. We sent 2 of the kids with Mom and Don so we could take Mike's car. Mike thought it would give the kids more time with them AND save us some $ :). The boys had a blast when it was their turn. Isaac can now teach us all good sunflower seed eating etiquette.

As we pulled up to the Ranch the kids were bouncing in their seats. The Elk were EVERYWHERE and Nick was so excited to see the horses! The visitor center was small but full of awesome animal's and animal pelts! Little boys are so funny sometimes.After we played at the visitor center we headed down for our sleigh ride! The boys all rode in the back of the truck down the hill. Mike and Mom weren't sure about that BUT I figured it was a VERY short ride and it would take care of that desire:)The boys were all so excited! The horses were HUGE. About 2,000 lbs each. There were about 350 Elk there yesterday. The preserve was established to give the Elk somewhere to go other than the farms and cities. They are all so calm and comfortable around people! They know they are safe there! As we were walking down to the "staging area" Mike spotted a white weasel! I've never seen a weasel in the wild before! The sleigh ride was fun. I love going places like this with Mike. He always thinks of questions. At one point our guide said "well, I don't know what else to tell you since you've asked so many good questions". Yep that's my hubby!

When we were finished at the Ranch we headed back down to Hyrum and the Golden Arches for a late lunch. We sat there talking while the kids played for a long time. It was just so nice to sit and chat. We really didn't have to hurry. Well, until Nick's fever flared. BIG time. So we loaded up and headed home!It was such a great day! I can't wait until our next "play with Grandma and Grandpa day!"

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Tank At A Drive In?

Every Year the school has a "drive in movie" for the 2nd quarter AR party. They send home boxes and the kids get to make cars to sit in while watching a movie in the gym. This year Isaac really wanted a tank. He brought several boxes home from school (of course Dad threw 1 away on accident) and had a whole plan. Our week however has been NUTS and we didn't start on it until last night AFTER we got back from Classic. I told the Boys they didn't have a choice they were sharing and they could be happy about it! They're such great kids that I don't think it actually ever occurred to them to be upset! I think it turned out alright and I can't wait for them to get home and tell me all about it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a "Classic" Family Night!

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was take the kids to Classic skating. HOWEVER it was our free skate night and my kids were set on it. SO, I loaded up my kids, all of their roller blades and headed to Layton to meet Mike there. Of course the little ones weren't going to last more than 5 minutes on the rink so our "free" night cost us $9 so that they could play on the bounce houses :)
It actually turned out to be a great night. Ty and Matt had a blast skating and the other 3 had a blast skating for 5 minutes and then bouncing! We decided to stop at the Asian Buffet afterwards for a quick dinner. THe fun part of that was Matt eating a little Octopus! It really was fun to just relax with the kids and ignore all of the other junk that had to be done!

A Kat Kid Day At The Utah State Capitol!

This year Matt was chosen as a Kat Kid. It stands for Kids Against Tobacco, and our school works along with the Weber Morgan Health Department and the American Cancer Association to promote a tobacco free zone and to educate the school. It's been fun for Matt and I think he's learned a lot, but he was most excited about going to the Capitol to help with the "Utah State Lobby Day" with the Cancer Action Network. ANYWAY, today started with us being at the school by 6:30. We loaded the bus and headed south! The kids were all so excited it was contagious!We had a great breakfast in the rotunda which was followed by a a lot of information, several awards and presentations. The 6th grade Kat Kids (those that wanted to anyway) had written speeches about being a Kat Kid and their views on the Tobacco Candies that are being marketed. They urged the Rep's and Senators that were there to Vote not to allow them in our State. The kids all researched the issues themselves and wrote their speeches themselves and I was VERY impressed.Once the program was over the kids all got to talk with our Representative Brad Dee. He listened to the kids and discussed their issues with them. Yes it was hurried (after all he's supposed to be working :) He is the Majority Leader after all!) but he didn't make the kids feel hurried. It was fun to watch. The kids felt like they had a voice, which is a HUGE lesson for them to learn at such young ages.Then we went and sat in the Galley and watched the House for a while. This was something that I LOVED. I had a great time explaining everything to Matt. He had fun listening to them debate the bills and then vote. I think I'm going to take all of my big kids down and go on a tour while the Legislature is in session. So fun.

Then it was a quick tour (Matt LOVED the room with a GOLD ceiling and picking statue's noses!!) A yummy lunch and we headed home! It seems like it should have been a short day as I write it all out but it was 4 1/2 hours there. PLUS the drive time. I was tired.Matt, Hailey and Jamie entertained themselves on the way home by playing the snorting game. Let's just say that they also entertained all those around them!This was my 5th field trip in 2 weeks. The cool thing about that is that I have had time with EACH of my kids one on one. It was fun to just be with Matt. Just listen to Matt. I love him so much. He's so quite and yet STRONG. There's no pushing Matt. He's a shining star to all around him. I love you Matt!