Friday, May 24, 2013

The LAST Day of SCHOOL!!!!

I can't believe it's already the last day of school! It has been the greatest year!  All 4 of my boys have just excelled.  They have grown and learned SO MUCH!  Mrs. Buckway, Mrs. Call and Mrs. Kelly have taken in my boys and loved them and taught them and helped them become even better than they already were!  Oh how I love them all!

After we delivered teacher gifts Nick and I came home to get ready for the hoard of Jr. kids that I knew were coming over:)  Then we went back up to watch the kids get sprayed by the fire hose.  It almost didn't happen this year and I am SO SO glad that the fire chief decided to do it!

I had originally planned on a 20 mile bike ride with Emily and Amanda but was feeling SO SICK (stinking cold) and so I almost cancelled....until I walked in and saw 14 jr high kids sprawled all over my house:) I decided a bike ride would be more peaceful for my sick head.  So I sent Mike for Pizza and I went on a ride!  I'm a horrible mom!  But when I got back I was feeling better and didn't mind my full house at all!

Eventually the kids were all ready to head off to their night time party:) and so Mike and I ran them up to Lane's house and they hung out there for the rest of the night.  Then Matt went to his party at Erin's house and Mike and I dropped the others off at Oveson's for a cousin sleep over (Ty and Matt joined them after their parties)

It was a celebration filled last day of school for sure!

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