Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Matt!

My sweet and adorable little Matt is no longer little.  He's still sweet and he's still as cute as they come....but he's growing up to fast!  I don't know what it is about 12 that suddenly makes them seam old....but WOW!
This year his birthday fell on a Wednesday which was also soccer.  There couldn't have been a better birthday for Matt.  He was so excited to play soccer with his friends for his b-day:)

Before we left though we gave him his presents.  He got Slides (shoes) and an Ogden Outlaws bag.  He's been wanting one forever and he was THRILLED!  I was so excited to see he so happy!  I also made cup cakes and took them to practice (we had to do SOMETHING fun!) and then when he got home we had MORE cake:) and sang.  I know that to some people this might sound like a lack luster birthday but for Matt it was perfect!

 Then on May 26th we got together with mom and Don and Ovesons to celebrate.  Matt was spoiled again and Look at the AMAZING card that Ovesons made for him!

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