Saturday, June 1, 2013

Little Red

There is no better way to start June than with an AMAZING bike ride!  I LOVE the Little Red ride.  It's such a party on wheels!  There are over 3500 riders!  Wow.  This year Emily and I signed up.  Then Kami was able to get in on the lottery.  THEN Emily and I talked Amanda into riding in it since I could get my cousin Marin's spot (she decided to get married instead of ride....:))  THEN I found out that a friend from Midway was selling her spot and kinda sorta forced Mary into riding with us:) And THAT made the ride perfect for me! Riding with my wonderful friends AND my amazing sister? PERFECT!

The day was actually beautiful.  The weather was perfect and there isn't a prettier place than Cache Valley!  The starting line is such a party!  We took pictures and hung out until it was time to go.  I even ran into Carol before we had to leave!

Then It was RIDE TIME!!!  Oh I loved it!

We had the cutest support team!  They met us at the first rest stop and the lunch stop.  They are the best! I was so excited to pull into the lunch stop and find MORE friends!  Sheryl Knight and Lynn Davis (who were riding the 100) were still there!  

Here is a fun BEFORE picture
And a GREAT after picture!
 Oh How I LOVED this ride!

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