Sunday, May 19, 2013

Matt the Deacon!

Well, I still can't believe that Matt's 12.  To make it even harder is the fact that he is old enough to get the priesthood!  WHAT?!?  Holy moly he is growing up! Today was a great day though.  We were joined by Grandpa and Beverly, the Ovesons, David and Sinda, Danny and Melanie and Tom.  I was so excited when i walked into sacrament meeting and saw my Grandpa there!  Oh how I love him!  Mom and Don were in Georgia for Don and Chelsea's wedding (I think it about killed them to miss it!) and Mary Lou wasn't here because she had to stay home with the dog this weekend.  We missed them but we still had a GREAT time! Matt's ordination went really well and Mike gave him a great blessing.  This sweet kid of mine has a lot to offer and I'm so excited to see where his life goes.

When we were done at the church we all came back to our house for yummy food and time together!  It was fun fun fun!  I really appreciate all of the support that we get from family.  It means so much to my kids.  It's great!

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