Thursday, July 29, 2010

Merit Badges

This week Tyler decided would be his "merit badge" week. Ok so it wasn't a conscious choice BUT he has finished Scholarship, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Reading, Reptile and Amphibian studies, and made his compost box for Gardening. Oh yeah AND finished all but the big swim for Swimming (that is Saturday). UGH I'm tired! Don't get me wrong, he's been doing the work but I've been the "helper". He's on track for his Eagle at 13 and 2 months and he is one DETERMINED kiddo!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arise and Shine Forth

For the past 6-8 months 3500 youth from 33 stakes in northern Utah have been putting blood, sweat, tears, and about a million rehearsal hours in the the “Arise and Shine Forth Youth Spectacular.” All that effort culminated this Friday and Saturday night as they performed at Weber State’s football stadium.

Well, on Tuesday July 13th Mike and I took the kids to the Dress Rehearsal. The program was put on up at Weber State on the football field. . It was amazing. It was more than amazing The spirit was amazing and I have to say I was in tears the whole time. The first council had the job of portraying the "pre earth life". They did an amazing job. The way that they told the story both visually and musically was JUST UNBELIEVABLE. In fact when they got to the point where they showed how some chose Heavenly Fathers plan while some chose Satan's Isaac looked over at me with tears in his eyes and said "but Mom......that's so many! Why did so many choose that way? They gave up their chance! Their ONLY chance!" It made it real for him. Each person represented a REAL spirit to him and he realized (on a smaller scale but still huge to him) how sad it really is.ANYWAY, the second council had "earth life". There was a lot of really fun dancing and music. And really fun props!

Our "council" had "Missionary Work". Each stake had a different country or continent, and they told a missionary story and then did a dance from that area. Our Stake had South America. They did such a great job. I was so proud of them! During this part there was a talk from Elder Holland played up on the Jumbo Tron, and in it he talked about how (to paraphrase) it's like we're all here on earth playing a game that's already been won and we're down here still trying to decide which team to be on! There IS a winning team and it was amazing to see so many kids who realized that!The finale was breath taking. ALL 3500 kids were on the field, doing choreography AND IT WORKED! The Ogden Mission Missionaries and President came onto the field and all together they sang called to serve. Then, everyone on the field turned on a little tea light and turned to face a HUGE banner of the Savior, they knelt and they sang. I get goosebumps even now. I was blessed to have been there and my boys were so GOOD! They loved it and I hope that they will remember the lessons that they learned that night and the spirit that they felt. The youth truly did "Arise and Shine Forth"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grandma Ridd

All month I have been thinking a lot about my wonderful Grandma Ridd. Her Birthday is July 3rd and every year I can't make it through the month without missing her like mad. She was a WONDERFUL Grandma. She went out of her way to spend time with us. I know that she was busy working with Grandpa and all of the "Adult Stuff" that I didn't think about as a kid, but she always made us feel special. Sometimes all of us would sleep over, and sometimes she would have us come one at a time so that we had one on one time. Even when she was SO busy that I'm sure the last thing she needed was to have little kids around! I remember her always being there for my mom. Even when they were living in California. The calls, the visits when they knew mom needed them, and even taking my little brothers back to California with them while they packed up to move back home! Anyway, here are a few of the memories that have been running through my mind:

Grandma and Grandpa had a killer yard. There was a stream with a bridge in the middle of the yard and a creek in the back. There were ducks that were always coming into the yard and Grandma always had bread that we could feed them. We would go out together and spend forever watching and feeding the ducks. Grandma also had a lot of raspberry bushes in her yard. She would hand us an empty ice cream bucket and send us out to pick. Once we were done she would put them in a bowl with milk and sugar. YUM!!! Pretty much EVERYTHING Grandma made was yummy. She also always put bread on the table at dinner. AND she taught me how to butter bread. You always spread the butter to all 4 edges. None of this middle of the bread stuff for her!

Grandma was also an amazing seamstress. I just remember laying on the floor under the kitchen table and listening to her cut fabric. The sound of the scissors cutting through the fabric and rubbing on the counter top will forever be with me. The TV on the counter was always on while she was working. This is when I was first introduced to "Soaps". The Young and The Restless and General Hospital were the two I remember the most. Nikki Newman was after all a total drunk! hehe. Anyway back to sewing! I remember one year she made all of our school clothes. LOVED them! She also made us "fur" coats one year for Christmas.

UNO. Grandma was a game player and my favorite one to play with her was UNO.

I loved to hear Grandma Sing. Everything sounded great coming from her but "little sir echo" and "little pig Joe" were my favorites. I also LOVED when she got "sugar" from my neck and rubbed my back.

The Thanksgiving before she died I was lucky. I got to sleep over and help her prepare the food. It's the first time I remember really MAKING stuffing! No Stove Top for us! It was just so much fum to learn at her side.

ANYWAY I just hope that I can be like my Grandma!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Addison

Back in November we found out that Paul and Clerie were planning to adopt. It was a bit of a surprise, but a great one! Knowing how adoption can go we figured it could be a while, BUT in December Paula and Clerie got a call. There was a baby that had been born and she was theirs! There is NO question that she was theirs! Well Last Friday we had the opportunity to go to the Bountiful Temple with them while Addie was sealed to them for time and all Eternity. It was beautiful! She's just such a little angel, and she couldn't have better parents!Then on Sunday Addie was blessed. We were running late but got there in time to hear the blessing! Again she looked like a little doll. Her sealing/blessing dress was made from Clerie's wedding dress. I have to say, I am to selfish to have done that with my dress, BUT I think it's so cool! AND can I just say that Addie has THE perfect mouth? It looks like it belongs on a porcelain doll! OHH I just love her!Nick had a GREAT Sunday Nap!Isaac LOVED the Jello

Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy ? (cousin adventure #7)

Take them to the RODEO!!! We look forward to the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo all year! This year we were babysitting the Ovesons (it was Mary and Mike's 10th anniversary!) and so the Rodeo also served as cousin adventure for the week! This adventure actually started on Saturday when Jamie took my kids and met the Malan's and walked the kids parade for the kids tickets! Tyler and Matt dressed us as Indians and Isaac ans Lucas as cowboys! They had a great time AND it got them excited for the Rodeo!

Monday night we all loaded up into 2 vans and (7 Statens, 3 Ovesons and 3 Neff's!) headed to the Rodeo! Nick and Kyle were so excited to go see horses! We went early so that we could see all of the "Pre-Rodeo" activities. There are so many fun ones! I personally loved the mutton busting. My boys begged to do it next year. I just have to remember to sign them up in time!
There is a more patriotic group of people than COWBOYS!!! I love the tributes that they do to the armed forces. They had those that served in foreign wars stand up. Then all that have ever served in the military. Then the riderless horse came through the arena. So touching. It was also so cool to hear my boys singing the national anthem. Ty and Matt know all of the words and LOVE to sing it! I also love that the Rodeo starts with a prayer.The kids were all in heaven, but Nick was OVER THE MOON! He was jumping, shouting and signing "MORE" every time the horses rode out of the arena! SO fun.I think that the highlight for a lot of the boys was the snow cones. Everyone was a sticky mess afterwards, but they were happy. I think that Mike's highlight of the evening was the 20 bathroom trips he made! hehehehe. I have such a great husband! It was just so much fun to be there with not only my sweet family, so many friends that I love. They kids just LOVE being together!There was no leaving early for us! With the Bulls and then the Motorcycles we had to stay THE ENTIRE TIME! We didn't get the kids all down until 11:30, but I still think it was worth it!

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper!

It really can't be true. She can't really be old enough because that means I am getting old. BUT since she did....ok so just to clarify, my wonderful little (ok not so little anymore) cousin Alie got married!

We started the festivities on Saturday. Mike O had to be at the rehearsal and since Mary and I had been at funerals all day we went to meet him and get the kids. We walked in to find this:
The grooms men showed up dressed in their "best"! The wedding coordinator WAS NOT PLEASED. hehe

Later that evening Mike and I had a great time at a yummy luau rehearsal dinner at Glad and Kami's.

The wedding was Monday July 19th. We got there early so that Tyler (usher) and the rest of the boys (gift takers) could figure out what they needed to do. Right as we pulled up to the Old Meeting House Nick choked on a piece of meat and threw up. ALL OVER. SOAKED. UGH. Mike stripped him and wet wiped him off and hurried to find a store. There aren't a lot of stores around there. Thankfully he found a DI. The best $5 ever spent!Anyway, Alie looked gorgeous and was just glowing. I had a hard time not losing it and bawling like a baby! I can't believe she's grown into such a beautiful woman. The boys were so excited about their "jobs". They love to feel a part of big and important things!It was fun to be with my family. All of my brothers and wives, my sister and Mike, Mom and Don, lots of my cousins, Grandpa and Bev, Even Great Aunts and Uncles (Chuck and Leon and Lucille). I even got to see my cousin Adam and his little baby girl! She's so cute!

The most touching part of the night for me was watching Alie and Glade dance together. Such a beautiful, loving father-daughter moment. One of those moments that makes me bawl like a baby.It was a beautiful wedding and I just LOVE my family so much! Here's my favorite pic of the night!