Monday, May 18, 2009

Moss for Mothers Day

I love my family and I love being a mom. Saturday after the race Mike took us all up to Valley Nursery. He said that Isaac was insistent about my mothers day present. He had seen some cool mosses when I had taken him up there and really wanted to get me some. So each boy picked out a different moss! I just like saying I got moss for mothers day!! Then on Sunday Mike made an awesome breakfast AND dinner for me, and it was a great day even with throwing up boys! I didn't get to see mom or talk to Tee, but it was a great day none the less!We made a bracelet for mom from all of her little "bugs"!

The Race For The Cure

I love the Race For The Cure. Every year Kami and I take our families and join with thousands of people to celebrate the survivor's, miss those that are gone and fight for a cure to breast cancer. Kami's mom, Grandma Nona, is a 5 year survivor, and her best friend Amy Webb died from breast cancer. I love being there!

Three Cheers for the red, white and Isaac!

Well another Preschool year has ended! I can't believe that Isaac has had his third and final preschool graduation! I love preschool! I love watching all of the kids grow and learn. My sweet Isaac has learned so much and is so ready for Kindergarten!

Saturday we had graduation at Jamie's new house. The kids were so good! They sang their songs and followed directions, and were so stinking cute! Lucas thought he had to sit with Isaac the whole time, and Isaac kindly let him!

I can't believe that this is the last year I'll do preschool with Kami! We've been doing this together since Tyler and Brynlee! I can't believe that this is the end of the 7th year! WOW!

I LOVE preschool!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

David and Sinda.....The wedding of the year!

Well, I have a new sister now! David and Sinda had a great wedding week! I say wedding because it started on Wednesday. Sinda went through the Temple Wednesday night so we all trucked down to Draper (With Kami and Brynlee in tow to watch the kids!). It was my first time in the Draper temple other than the tour, and it was great!

Then on Thursday we had the wedding dinner at the Asian Star. It was also great! We had the coolest table there HEHEHE! It was so great to see so many people that I love but don't see very often. Isaac however didn't like that the dinner was served in courses because he "got all full before the really good stuff came"!! Silly boy!

Friday was the big day! The wedding of course came second to Matt's birthday, but it was still pretty cool! Melissa and Jon met us at the temple to watch all of the boys (8 with mine and mary's!) The sealing was great and the weather made for some pretty pictures!

We then let Matt choose where to eat dinner.....Chuck-A-Rama.....and Melissa met us there for a quick Birthday dinner before heading to the reception!

The Cake WAS AWESOME!!!!! I think it's the cutest one I've ever seen! They had a yummy ice cream bar, and we even had dancing!!!

I'm so happy to have Sinda in the family and to see David so happy!

My Sweet Matt

Yea!!! He's 8! I cannot believe that my sweet little Matt is already 8! I swear I was just pregnant with him. There was never a cuter little baby. He was 8 lbs 11 1/2 ounces and 22 inches long. And he gained from day one. You'd never know now, but Matt was HUGE as a baby! And he was happy ALL of the time! He's still my best sleeper! Matt has a quiet goodness that I am so thankful for. In fact I almost envy his quiet goodness. He is stalwart. He listens and obeys, and is the greatest brother on the planet. I love my little (not!) Matty Matt!