Monday, May 31, 2010


Lately we've been spending a lot of time on our bikes. Matt and I have joined Mike and Tyler (and a bunch of scouts) on the Cycling Merit badge rides. It's really been a lot of fun.

The first week Mike thought he was going to die. I couldn't figure it out. He's always out ridden me (even pulling the trailer) but I left him in the dust. I was a little worried. Well, Paul came up the next week and he and Mike fixed his bike. The real problem was that his brake was ALWAYS on! hehe. The second 10 mile ride was easy and Mike was much happier.

Then came our first 15 mile ride. It was cold and a little rainy, and we hit a spot on the trail that was under about 12 inches of water. Well I thought it was cool and we rode on through. On our way back it was a lot colder and of course we had to cross back through the water. There were a lot of COLD and numb feet when we were finished, but I thought it was a blast! (Not all mom's were as happy!)

The other day we went on a family ride (about 9 miles) and ISAAC RODE THE WHOLE THING! I was so proud of him!!! It started to rain and then hail! BIG hail stones! The kids just kept on trucking! We got to the bridge at 31st street and hung out while it let up a little and then finished our ride in the rain! Later that day Mike and I went on a short single track trail. I get nervous on single track but man it's fun.
Today was our second 15 mile ride. Mike really wanted to do the Bonneville Shoreline trail. I didn't think it was a grat idea because one of our scouts HATES heights. I mean tears, shaking, clinging to the adult leader, fear of heights. BUT we went anyway. We drove up to rainbow gardens and then started on the trail. Well I ended up at the back with another dad while we waited for our nervous scout walked his bike. He got far enough ahead that I decided to hop on my bike and actually ride for a bit. Well I didn't look at the ground before I started. It was really rocky and my tires hit those and next thing I knew I was tumbling over the edge of the cliff. Over and over I went with basketball sized rocks tumbling with me. Thankfully a tree stopped me and once I got my bearings I was able to climb up and back to the trail. Scott had grabbed my bike (thankfully) and so I checked out my owies, realized nothing was broken and headed up the hill. Thank goodness for adrenaline! I hurt but I am so glad that nothing is broken! Last year a boy broke his femur. ick. Anyway, scott said I kept saying "I'm ok.....OUCH!" Over and over while I was falling. HAHAHAHHA That makes me laugh just to think about it!

I can't wait for next week's ride.....Just no single track!

Preschool Graduation 2010

I love preschool and I love preschool graduation! This year is the only year that we've been rained out! I was feeling very stressed until one of our wonderful mom's called and said that she had a church all arranged! WAHOO!!! I was so glad that we didn't have to do it in the rain!

Our group of kids this year were amazing. The amount of growth in all of them was, again, amazing! Lucas just loves every second of preschool. He loves his friends, his letters, his numbers, writing notes, field trips, singing........ EVERYTHING!!! I also love my friends (that teach with me) teaching letters, teaching numbers going on field trips and I LOVE the songs! This is my 8th year of preschool and I am so glad that I get to do this with my boys!Lucas lead us all in the Pledge. SO STINKIN cute!
Then he was SO excited to get his "diploma & report card"!

The sweet mom's that I teach with gave me these pretty flowers! I'm sad that some are DONE!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Last Day Of School

I really can't believe that this school year is over. All of my kids have had the most amazing teachers and I am so thankful to them for teaching and loving my children.

We started today with doughnuts and bananas. The boys were in heaven. No better breakfast for boys I guess! Then we took the gifts up to the school and had fun taking pictures and giving them their gifts. Towards the end of the day I got to go up and watch the 4th-6th graders get sprayed by the fire hoses! It was raining and cold but that sure didn't stop my sweet son from getting soaked! Then as we were on the way home Mike looked in the mirror and said "what the heck did you guys do to your faces? Oh it's marker mustaches!" I paniced. I knew that Matt had a sharpee. UGH. I started to get mad and then decided to just take pictures. Then I told them that they would probably have go to church that way. The look on their faces was priceless. THEN I laughed!

ahhh I love that's it's summer and that I get 3 months with my kids, but I'm also sad that this school year is over!

The Last Week of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is amazing from day one. Everyone knows that! But the last week is really so much fun. They go on a field trip to the Fire station on Monday. Tuesday is the class talent show, Wednesday is the water party, Thursday the teddy bear picnic and then Friday it's all over!

The talent show was awesome. Isaac decided to sing "Little People" from Les Mis. He did such a great job!! He is just so stinking cute and serious. He got a little a little ahead of the music at the end but who cares? He was awesome!Then we had the water party. Ariana and I were in charge of it, which was a little nutty but great! Thankfully there are a TON of great mom's and dad's that love to help. It was a little overcast and breezy, but that didn't stop those kids from getting wet!

Thursday I totally forgot to send his teddy bear with him, so once again I ran up to the school in my pj's to get it to him on time!

I LOVE Kindergarten!

The amazing shoe

On Wednesday I helped with the Kindergarten Water party (post to come shortly). Ever since then I haven't been able to find Nick's brown shoe. Now, I really like these shoes because they don't tie. They just slip on and he loves them. So, needless to say I have been a little stressed. Anyway, this morning after I dropped the kids off at school and delivered teacher presents and all that jazz, Lucas and Nick and I went to clean out the car. After I got it all vacuumed out we went to go through the car wash. One of the attendants gave me a funny look and pointed to the top of my van. I had no idea what he was talking about, until he waled over and took a cute little brown shoe off of the top of my van!! It had been there since Wednesday!!! We've driven all over the Ogden area, to Salt Lake and back since then!! I can't believe it! Hurray for the car wash attendant!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Math and Science Olympiad

May means lots of things for our family but one of the biggest things we all look forward to is Weber District's Math and Science Olympiad. Tyler went in 3rd and 4th for Krypto and Matt has been waiting (only grades 3-6 go) since Kindergarten! In fact he's so great at Krypto that they didn't even make him tryout for the 3rd grade team. They just put him on it! Riverdale 3rd grade placed in all but 1 event! Matt's Krypto team got 3rd place!! They were so cute!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Best Preschool Party Ever!

Today was our "end of the year preschool water party and BBQ". Well of course it was raining! I was a little stressed but one of our wonderful mom's (Cindy) brought her plastic pool to Jamie's and started boiling water! After we practiced for Graduation the kids were DYING to hit the pool even though it was poring rain! Cindy and Jamie hung a tarp over the pool and the kids were in HEAVEN!