Friday, September 30, 2011


Wahoo! I am so excited for Lucas! He finally lost his first tooth! I got home from something and Lucas was crying about his tooth hurting. He said "Dad says that there's food stuck in there or something" I laughed and asked Mike if he'd looked at the tooth.....since it was about to fall out! Lucas was scared to let us pull it so he went to bed hoping it wouldn't fall out in his sleep:) The next day I convinced him to let me try. If fell out right in my hand! He didn't even realize it was out! He's getting WAY TO BIG! PS .....he lost a second tooth and then the tooth fairy forget to come...thus the $5. Our tooth fairy has to pay extra for each night she misses. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The World'd Best Officers

I have always thought that Riverdale had great police officers but this week's preschool field trip reaffirmed that. The officer I was working with had a schedule change and so we had to rearrange our dates AND he came to us at preschool. He was AMAZING with the kids. He learned (and remembered) all of their names. Which is harder than it sound because Mary's group was there too! He talked to them about safety and spent a lot of time trying to help them feel comfortable with him as an Officer. The kids all had a blast playing with the car. As a side note.....I received a letter from him a few days later. HE was thanking US for letting him come! AND he named each child in the letter! WOW. What an amazing man! Thanks Sgt. Fuller!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Amazing Isaac

I ADORE my sweet Isaac. He is so full of life and SO smart! That little brain of his never stops running. Isaac amazes me. His testimony and spiritual understanding Amazes me. I look at him and wonder HOW in the WORLD I am lucky enough to be his mother. ANYWAY, this amazing wonderful boy turned 8 today. I don't know where the last 8 years have gone. It's like sand slipping through my fingers.

This year Isaac decided that he wanted to go and see "Dolphin Tail" with some friends. Then he proceeded to invite A LOT OF FRIENDS! He's such a cute little boy! We filled a whole LONG row at the theater, but he was happy and we all LOVED the movie. I had all sorts of great pictures but something happened to the sd card and I lost them all. Along with a ton of other pic's......GRRRRR. I hope that Isaac will always remember this even without the pic's!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Isaac The Scout

It feels like he's been waiting all of his live to be a Cub Scout, and FINALLY the time is here! My sweet Isaac is bouncing off the walls! Tonight was pack meeting and he was SO cute! Jaunett gave him a big welcome and even gave him a "new" snake. The wood kind.....some of the mom's thought it was real hehehehehe. I can't wait for Isaac to have as much fun at Cubs as his brothers have had!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I love my "Nick time". This morning he and I had to go get gas and when we pulled into the gas station and he said "I want a Donut PLEASE!" So since we didn't have anywhere else we HAD to be we stopped and got one! He's so fun to be with!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


It's soccer time again! But the question is "did it ever end?" lol. This is however Lucas first time playing and MAN is he excited! His dad's his coach and "he's the best player out there" Just ask him :) Isaac is loving his new team and coach too, and Matt and Tyler of course LOVE their teams! Nick also LOVES being at soccer. He want's to play soccer too :) And I have to say that as insane as soccer life is I also LOVE it. I love watching my kids play and I love the joy that I see in them as they play. I wouldn't trade soccer season for anything.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crazy Course For Cash

This year I ended up in charge of the school walk a thon. I love the obstacle course version of a walk a thon. The kids had SO much fun, and I am SO glad that it's over! I was a little stressed since Mike was NOT here to help me, BUT my sweet boys were a HUGE help! I couldn't have done it if they hadn't been so incredibly helpful! We'll see how much we make, but I'm sure hoping that we'll be done with fundraising for the year! Go Roadrunners!

Fun With The Oveson's :)

Tonight we went to Mike and Mary's ward camp out. They had it over at Fort Buenaventura and so it was EASY to run right over and have fun before coming back to sleep in our beds, WHICH since it started to RAIN LIKE CRAZY!! was a good thing!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 Amazing Years Old Already?

I can't believe that my sweet baby Nick isn't a baby any more! Sometimes I look at him and can't believe that he was my sick little newborn! I was so scared when he was born SO sick, but look at him now! He is an energetic, smart, hilarious 3 year old! WOW! This year Mike has to go work in Cedar City and won't be here for his or Nick's birthday so we decided to celebrate early. And CELEBRATE we did! We started with Nick's little friend party on Friday. He is obsessed with trains so I copied Kyle's (Mary's) train cake . Jamie helped me pull it all together (I'm a little overwhelmed I think) and Nick was happy as could be! He had fun with his friends (except for the traditional melt down) and LOVED his presents. 1 hour was PERFECT!

Then on Sunday we had our little family party and gave Nick his presents. He loved his Angry Bird, Hungary Hippo's and his WAY AWESOME Gervious Light Saber!

Today I took Nick, Lucas Kyle and Mary for a gourmet lunch at McDonalds! It's so nice to have children that are easy to please! Tonight we had a soccer game and then we came home for cupcakes!

I sure love and adore my sweet Nick. I am honestly the most blessed woman on earth! Happy Birthday Nick!!

Crazy Hair Day

I love crazy hair day! My cute boys had a blast getting ready this morning!