Sunday, June 27, 2010

56 Miles BABY!!!

Well, WE DID IT! We finished the cycling merit badge! It has been so much fun tagging along on all of the bike rides this year. I didn't think that I could do it but I did! But even more impressive is that the boys (including my sweet 9 year old Matt ) did it. (2) 10 mile rides, (2) 15's, (2) 25's and a 50. Our 50 was a true adventure. we started at 7200 s. in Midvale and rode home to Riverdale! Most of it was on trails. Jordan River parkway to Legacy parkway, surface streets in Farmington to a trail. In fact except for a few little miles in Roy we were on trails. We were really lucky to have Dennis Voigt pacing us in his car. Nice cold water, granola bars, our lunches......He was such a blessing! The last hill coming in to Roy about killed me but I didn't get off and walk! We met our kids and the other boys parents/families at Warrens and shared shakes before heading home. I LOVED it and to be honest I can't wait to do it again!

Praise To The Man

"Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven"
166 years ago today the Prophet Joesph and his brother Hyrum were killed at Carthage Jail. They sealed their testimonies with their blood and I will forever be thankful. Tonight we read Doctrine and Covenants 135 with the boys and then sang "Praise To The Man" together. It was a powerful moment. One that hopefully made an impression on my children. I hope that they will realize that the blessings they enjoy each and every day, and the gospel that is a part of them came at a price. I am truly thankful for all that Joseph Smith did to restore the gospel to the earth. Truly a Prophet of God.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cousin Adventure #3 Sleep Over and Splash Pad!

Well Cousin adventure this week was stretched out over a few days! Mary was at girls camp and so we were lucky enough to get the Oveson Boys! They came to play on Wednesday and then again on Thursday. And on Thursday they got to sleep over!!! The boys love cousin sleep overs and I didn't think we would get them to sleep, BUT after watching Beauty and the Beast and reading Percy Jackson they were out! (well except for the babies but they don't really count!)Then on Friday we got up and headed to the Splash Pad. See apparently all of Weber county thinks that they need to come Riverdale park every day now so if you actually want your kids to be able to play you have to be there at 10:00 when it turns on. By 11:30 it was PACKED but it was ok because the kids were done and STARVING! So we had a great picnic and packed up! As we were about to leave the park Uncle Mike (oveson) showed up! Perfect timing! It gets a little nutty with 8 little boys but man it's fun. I wouldn't change it for the world!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nick vs. The Hospital Take 3

Well, I was about to put our chocolate Molten Lava cakes on the table when there was a loud crash and Matt started to yell "He's bleeding!" I ran around the table and grabbed Nick. Blood was EVERYWHERE. So we rinsed his head off and quickly realized it was too bad for butterfly's! I called Kami and said "Nick-split-his-head-open-we-have-to-go-can-the-boys-come-over?!?!" She was heading to Idaho but Trav was staying home so she said to send the kids over. And in all actuality that's pretty fitting. Travis saved me when Ty split his head open too. Mike was in BrianHead and so Trav took us and stayed with us the whole time. ANYHOW I digress!
The boys were all freaking out. BAWLING. THey were so worried. We quickly said a prayer and then Tyler and Matt grabbed the dessert and put them all in the freezer, grabbed the two younger ones and walked to the Malan's. I am SO glad that I have such great kids. SO responsible! (and great friends too)ANYWAY having a bleeding head wound makes for quick service in the ER! just under 2 hours start to finish. And for those that have ever seen an ER waiting room on a holiday AND a Sunday you know that that's not too shabby! But it did take a LOT to entertain him! That's a very small room for an active almost 2 year old! A little DP apparently made it a lot better!The Doc was a little concerned that the membrane around the skull was split, but once he got inside it wasn't so, we got 3 stitches inside and 3 staple outside. Nick handled it really well. He didn't like being papoose wrapped but he survived AND cried less and quieter than the lady next to us who's tummy hurt :)Mike got to hold the topical numbing agent on Nick's head. Nick didn't like it but was alright. He did have fun playing with the staple gun!

Nick fell asleep on the way home, which was good. We were able to get the other kids and calm them down a little and get them to bed before he woke up hurting. All in all Nick has once again proven that he's one tough kiddo!

The World's Greatest Daddy!

(Nick was asleep. I was going to take another one, but then we ended up at the ER so.....No Nick!)

I LOVE Father Day. Mike is such a great Daddy that it's fun to spend the day Celebrating him!! He got a few fun presents, Lasagna for dinner and Molten Lava Cake for dinner! But I think that the best part of the day was the time that he spent with the boys. They made magic wand holders, worked on model air planes, flew kites and watched Pixar shorts. PERFECTION!

I also have to say that I am thankful for my Dad. I miss him a lot and am very thankful for the good that I got from him. I also am very thankful for a wonderful 2nd Dad. Don has been a true blessing in all of our lives. I couldn't have picked a better man! And then of course my grandpa's. Opa's been gone for a long time but I still miss him. He was so loving and during a time when we really needed help he was always there. Then there's Grandpa Ridd he is THE greatest man around. I got to talk to him today and he just makes me smile!

Happy Fathers Day!

Alie's Getting MARRIED!?!?!

Well, my sweet "little" cousin Alie is getting married! I really can't believe it. She should still be a little girl! *sigh* Anyhow, Yesterday we had a shower for her at mom's. It was so fun! I love being with the women in my family. Can't wait until next month when they tie the knot!My Aunt Bonnie brought this apron home for Alie from Nicaragua! So Cool!

Cousin Adventure #2 TOY STORY 3!!!

Well, this week's cousin adventure was a no brainer! Toy Story 3 opened Friday and so of course we were going to go!! However you can't just jump into #3. You have to watch 1 and 2 first. So On Wednesday we went to Mary's to watch Toy Story 1. Then on Thursday they came here and we watched #2. THEN on Friday the kids woke up begging to "Go to the MOVIE!" sadly our tickets were for 6:15. It was worth the wait! Everyone LOVED the movie! It was a little intense for the little ones. In fact I had Isaac, Lucas and Nick on my lap at one point. Isaac kept crying and asking when we could leave. BUT in the end they all loved it. The treats we had were awesome too. Toy Story dip sticks. Toy Story Cheezits, and Toy Story gummies. (oh yeah they also had Toy Story Mac-n-Cheese for lunch) LOVED LOVED LOVED this weeks cousin adventure!