Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Lucky Number!

On our first week of soccer the boys were all dressed and ready and I realized........
They're all #2 this year! It must be our lucky number!!!

My wonderful Friend Jamie also pointed out that they make a stop light!

First's and Last's

Well, today was our annual Primary Program. It was WONDERFUL. Kami did a great job writing it and, I know I'm a little biased, BUT my kids did a great job too! It was a very emotional program for me though. It was Lucas' first program and Tyler's last. In fact, because of Conference next week, it was Ty's last day in primary. Ahhh those mile stones. Anyway, parts go as follows: Lucas said the first Article or Faith, Isaac sang the "Abraham" verse to Follow the Prophet, Ty and Matt sang the "President Monson"verse, and Ty's class sang "Come Follow Me". They all did a great job and enjoyed themselves (even Ty!). As we were sitting there my Mom reminded me of Tyler's first program. He was a Sunbeam like Lucas and he spent the whole time sliding back and forth along the little half wall at the front of the stand. He was so funny. And so little. Where did the time go???

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Sweet Sweet Isaac

I really can't believe it, but somehow Isaac is 7. 7!!!!! I honestly have no idea where the last 7 years have gone. He has been a busy, silly, sweet, loving and MISCHIEVOUS boy from the start. My pregnancy with him was pretty normal, and one of the best parts of that pregnancy was being pregnant at the same time as Kami. I was told that he was 99.9% a girl (yeah that was wrong!), and found out that he was a boy on the same day that Kami found out SHE was having a boy!! Those 2 have been inseparable ever since!

On September 24th 2003 I thought I was in labor. I couldn't decide what to do since they were going to start me the next day anyway.......Well, I went in and then the contractions stopped. OF COURSE. But they had gotten a few on the machine so they said I could stay! Travis came up and he and Mike gave me a blessing and we were off! My friend Leah, who has been lucky enough to adopt her 2 kids, was there with us for the labor and delivery. It was fun to share that with her. After my water broke somehow I got amniotic fluid in my blood and started to have some problems. I really think that the blessing saved me. It took a while but then I was ok and it was time to get that little guy out! Everything went perfectly and when they held him up I was completely OVERWHELMED by the spirit. I KNEW that this was a VERY special little guy. I also felt VERY strongly that he has some little brothers still to come :). Oh yeah, and I kept thinking "MAN he looks like Matt!".

Mike went with Isaac to the nursery and while Mike was having fun with our little guy I was getting dropped on the floor by my nurse! She didn't believe that my legs were too numb for me to help get myself into my wheel chair. I told her I couldn't lock my knees. She didn't think I knew what I was talking about. Well I ended up on the floor. She called for help and people came running. They were trying to get me into the chair when another nurse walked in. She yelled "STOP! Her leg is under the chair!". Yeah, I was really sore once that medicine wore off! BUT I had my sweet Isaac to cuddle with, and that made it ALL better!

Even when he's a little stinker he's adorable. I can't imagine life without him! Today was crazy and I feel a little bad that it was his birthday! We had Farmers market and soccer and the Primary Program practice. We finally had everything wrapped up around 5:30 and he decided he wanted to go to Chuck-A-Rama for dinner. After dinner we came home and did presents and cake and now they are all down stairs playing Wii. He seems happy and I have to say, I am SO GLAD that we did his friend party in August! I love you my sweet Iz man!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Circus Came to Town!

Wednesday morning Jamie called to see if we wanted to go with them to the Circus Parade. I didn't really have anything going to and I loved the idea of letting the boys see the Elephants!!! It was short and sweet (perfect length for little kiddo's) and the boys all LOVED it. In addition to the elephants there were Llama's and horses and pony's, AND a yummy caramel/toffee/chocolate covered apple! Lucas and Nick couldn't have been happier! Thanks Jamie!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

13 Wonderful, Amazing, Fabulous Years!

Yes I look like I've been bawling. No I really wasn't sad, I just couldn't handle the ONIONS!

I'm a couple of days late getting this written, BUT I couldn't let this week pass without writing about how thankful I am for my wonderful Hubby. Monday the 20th was our 13th Anniversary. I can't believe we've been married that long. I also can't believe that it doesn't feel any longer than a year. I really scored in the husband department. He is so supportive, and helpful, loving, kind and HARD working. He made it a priority for me to stay home with our kids from the beginning, and has never once acted like it was a sacrifice. I know that it's hard for him to carry all of the stress of providing for our family but I'm so thankful that he does!

ANYWAY, on Monday Mike had to run to Salt Lake to pick up some wood and his State Fair entries so the boys and I just rode with him . I figured normal life had to go on but I could at least be with him! Then, Mike took the afternoon off and came home to be with me! We made Chicken Coconut Korma and Naan for dinner (SOOOOOO yummy) and then watched our wedding Video with the kids. It's so funny yo look back and see how young we were! And the fun thing is that I realized I still look at him with the same love and awe as I did that day. In fact probably a lot more actually. ANYWAY I love you sweetie and can't imagine my life without you!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

And The State Fair Blue Ribbon's Go To...........

Mike of course!!! What else would anyone expect?? As my last post shared :) we spend Monday night at the Utah State Fair! Nick was in heaven and Mike was nervous and excited to see how his entries had done. I tell him all the time that he does a great job and that I think he's amazing, but my words don't really mean much I guess. Just kidding. He was just really excited to see what people who know wood turning think. That was our first stop. AND OF COURSE he got Blue Ribbons on all of his entries! He's so talented and amazing! WAHOO!!!The rest of the Fair was also incredible fun. We got to see the cow's getting milked and the beef cows getting groomed! The kids (not just Nick) loved riding the horses, and of course the BIG YELLOW SLIDE! I love my family and any time spent with them is heaven!

Monday, September 13, 2010

2 Already???Happy 2nd B-day Mr. Nick!

Well I can't believe that it's been 2 years already since Nick made his dramatic debut. He has filled the last 2 years with so much joy and love that I can't imagine life without him! Today we just spent most of our day playing. He got some horses from Jamie and Eli and that's all he wanted to do! After nap time we picked up the brothers, then Dad and headed to the State Fair! We figured that there wasn't a better place for a horse loving 2 year old! He opened his presents in the car and had cup cakes with dinner and BEST of all he got a pony ride! He really loved all of the animals, but NOTHING tops a horse! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET NICHOLAS!!!

Happy 35th to The World's Greatest Hubby!

I think that I have the world's greatest Husband ever. Well actually I KNOW I do! ANyway, yesterday was his b-day and it kinda got sucked up into the family party, SO I need to take a minute and focus just on him. He's smart, and creative, and talented and sweet, and sensitive and helpful and CUTE!!! He's also the best Dad ever. And He works SO hard for our family so that I don't have to. We are so incredible lucky to have him. Happy 35th Honey!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowboys!

Tonight was the night to party around here! It's Mike's birthday, Cousin Jonathan's b-day is today, Nick's is tomorrow, Isaac's and Mom's are later this month. SO today we had a party befitting even the coolest cowboys! Ok, maybe not, but we had fun! I made wanted posters of all the b -day folk, and most of us dressed up! We had stew, corn on the cob, home made root beer, corn bread, AND of course we all ate out of pie tins! There were presents galore (Nick really LOVE unwrapping everything. Loved the presents too, but REALLY loved the unwrapping part!) Mom got truly spoiled with an IPad, Isaac of course loved all the "cool stuff" he got and Mike is thrilled about his bike computer and all of the new books he got! Nick loved his horse cake, and everyone else got to blow out candles on the cowboy boot cake! I thought that the fire department was going to show up though. All that smoke from mom's candles and all :) . Everyone is beat and in bed (yay!!!) which I think means it was another successful party!

My favorite quote of the evening:

By Isaac when trying to decide which cake to eat "Well, I really want chocolate, but I'm sure the carrot cake is healthier. Hmmm. Ok, well I guess I'll have Carrot"

My Favorite "Funny Thing" of the night: When Mom and Don got here Nick was walking around holding a dish towel. Don took the Towel and tied it around Nick's waist. Nick wore it ALL night and refused to let us take it off until we were putting PJ's on him. SO cute!

Making The CakesThe Cute Cowboys and Cowgirls!
Chow Time!
Presents!Time to blow out the candles!