Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Lucas is at such a cute age!!! I just have to share a few of the latest!

The other day we were at dinner and Lucas stood up and shouted...
"I've got it!!!! I know where I'm going to go on my mission!!! Candyland!!!"

This morning I was trying to get things moving and Lucas decided that he needed to go to Walmart RIGHT NOW! I hadn't gotten ready yet and this is the conversation that followed...

Lucas :"Mom let's GO NOW!!!"
Me:"Honey look at me. I can't go to the store like this"
Lucas:"But Mommy I love you like this! You look beautiful"

I laughed and laughed all the way to Walmart!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 Votes

Well it's over and Alan Arnold won by 10 votes. Mike sure worked hard and would have done a great job, but oh well. Last night for FHE we made a list of everything that we had learned through out this process. Here it is:

People give me candy when I give them fliers
That if dad runs for President we'd have to make a lot more fliers
Doesn't want Dad to run for President
Even if you lose the campaign is over and life gets easier.
Holding up signs is FUN
It's bad to say bad things about people. ONLY SAY NICE THINGS
Always vote for my dad
Campaigning can cause a lot of stress
You might not want to keep working, but if you want good results you have
to keep working hard.
People can really be nasty but act good so they can get elected and then go
back to being nasty
I learned that I like being outdoors
We didn't have to do everything ourselves because people are nice and offer
to help us
As you are passing out fliers you can have good chats with people. Even ones
that you don't know
Find out who's a good person and vote for the good people
Campaigning can be really fun
Don't say mean or nasty things about the people you are running against.
Be positive about the people you are running against.
Be careful of who you vote for because you can't get your vote back
The campaign can change people. They can act in ways that they wouldn't
normally have acted.
That if you have more than 2 candidates for a position there has to be a
primary election
That a lot of the seniors at the senior center come from other
cities....especially Roy.
People can be sore losers
We had LOTS of good helpers
Going door to door is helpful to a campaign and the older people are more
friendly and chat more.
Stay nice. Only say nice things
Always Vote for your dad
Don't get mad
Say nice things about people
“Aye let's stay nice matey” -Mossflower (book 2 in the Redwall series)
If you can't say somethin nice don't say nothin at all (by Thumper)
I really like working with my family
There are a lot more houses in Riverdale than I realized!
It was fun meeting people
Always vote for your husband
News Papers give me a headache
Always have something positive in mind to say about everyone
Mean what you say and say what you mean and think before you say those things!
Nothing is more important than my family and their happiness.
Most people in Riverdale are nice and they really care about keeping it nice.
Campaigning is most fun when you do it as a family
It's surprising who you can count on to help
Having your name in the News Paper can be elating, or frustrating but not
usually both at the same time!
It takes constant effort to stay humble while telling people why you deserve
their vote
Campaigning can be very emotional. Wait to speak until you've slept on it
Taking a stand doesn't necessarily mean taking a side
being moderate is not the same as fence sitting
When it's all said and done, what matters most is if you ran a campaign that you
can feel good about. Not weather you win or lose.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mike for City Council!!!

Well it's over....well kinda! Mike has won the second seat by 2 votes!! Which means that we have to wait until they count all of the provisional and absentee ballots!! Can you believe it?!?!?!

But, we did have a great night while we waited for the numbers to come in! We were surrounded by people that we love and that have spend so much time helping us. There is no way that we could have done this without everyone else! In fact regardless of how this turns out it has been a great experience. Abdoul and Habiba alone made this worth it. They came here from Somalia 20 years ago, but only became citizens in January. This was their first election. The day after signs went up Abdoul showed up at out house asking how he could help. He took a stack of fliers and with the help of his son passed them out. And when he was all done he returned the extras, along with money saying that he wanted to help. They are what this election process is about. Them AND PEOPLE LIKE THEM who realize the importance of our system of government. I love our country and I love Riverdale!!! And of course I love my wonderful husband who has given his all to this process. He has gotten out of his comfort zone and fought hard because he really feels like he has something great to offer!!!A Few Fun Pictures Of Mike Putting Up Signs!

Fall Fun at Preschool!!!

We have had a GREAT time at preschool this fall.

We went to Black Island Farms, played with "Farmer Cook" up at the Cook family home with all of their animals (all of the kids got to ride the horse, feed the donkey and gawk at the SHEEP!) and of course Halloween was a blast!!! The kids are always so cute on Halloween. They get so excited to wear their costumes and sing their songs and trick-or-treat! And was snake day. Of course Mike had to work so I had to go and do snake duty. That stresses me out, but I did it!!! Here are some fun pictures!!!!!

Black Island Farms
Llama Llama mad at mama!

Farmer Cook


Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler!

The swine flu kinda messed up my blogging efforts! I'm trying to get caught up before it's been a whole month since Tyler's Birthday!

We had a great friend party on Friday and a fun family gathering on Saturday!

The friend party was great! Boys are so easy! VIdeo games and Pizza and they are happy. It was also great to share the night with Brynlee!

Then on Saturday we had fun at soccer and then had a great family party. Everyone came up and we had yummy breakfast for dinner! Tyler got LOT of fun things including all of his boyscout stuff and a DS game!! He LOVED everything that he got. I LOVE you Tyler!!!!!

The engaged couples!!