Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cousin Adventure Day #5 ---The splash pad!

Well last week we took the kids to the splash pad in South Ogden. The boys had a blast (minus the sunscreen in Ty's eyes) and I had fun watching them play together!OUCH!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Riverdale City rent's out the Roy Aquatics center several nights a month during the summer for all of it's residents! It's great and the kids have a blast, but I wasn't going to take them last night because Mike and scouts and I would be alone. But Jamie called and said she'd help me with the kids if I would go.....and who can pass that up? The kids were thrilled, and the baby had a blast in the water! Thanks Jamie!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"This Is The Place!!" Cousin adventure #4!

I had never been to "This Is The Place" state park, and when we saw that KSL day was cheaper we decided to go! I was shocked at how much was there to see! I HAD NO IDEA!! Pony rides, a Petting Zoo, Trains, and TONS of pioneer cabins and houses. We met Sister Hinckley's little sister. She goes there every Friday to take people through the cabin that her Dad was born in. She was the sweetest lady and it was a very special experience. We also LOVED the school. The kids loved sitting in the desks with the slates and chalk. They also thought that the Desert Alphabet was crazy!

And best of all (for the big kids) was that they were all on studio 5 !! There was a long segment about summer games you can play, and they were all in it! They're famous! We were there for 7 1/2 hours! We were all beat but happy when we left!

My camera was MIA when we went, so i still need to get pic's from Jamie and Kami and Mary, but eventually I'll get them up!

Bowling fun!

We had a great time bowling with the Malan's and Grandma Nancy! Man Tanner's a ringer! It was strike after strike after spare!!! The big sisters weren't so thrilled!He got in trouble for climbing on the ball return, but he was so cute!
Bryn is such a great help with Nick. I'm so glad I can borrow her from time to time!
Thank goodness for stomach acid right?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oquirrh Temple Open House

We had a great time (OK to to totally honest Lucas screamed through out most of the tour, so it could have been better, but.........you get the picture!) touring the Oquirrh Temple. It is GORGEOUS! And the other 4 boys were wonderful. ( In Lucas' defense he had been up the entire night Thursday night with some sort of sickness that lead to an asthma type attack and a 4:30 am DR visit!) We, Mom, Don, Mary Mike, Mike, Myself and all of the boys and Kiera (sp?) all met at the temple at 10:40. This openhouse was different than the Draper Temple one. There were so many people at Draper that you felt like cattle being herded, but not at Oquirrh. It was so calm and beautiful! And I still think that the West side of the valley has the prettiest view of the valley! After the tour we all went out to eat at McDonalds! The kids were in HEAVEN!If you look very closely you'll see Kyle off to the right on the stairs. We had no idea he wasn't with us!!The play place at McDonalds in South Jordan is great! Isaac and Zach got themselves stuck in the ball area!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Army Crawling with Aunt Clerie!

Friday night we met Mikes family at the park to have dinner and spend some time with Clerie before she heads back to Iraq. She's bee home on R & R for a few weeks now. She brought us some money from Quitar and a soda can in Arabic and some "official"army face paint! She painted their faces and then crawled around the park teaching them the 3 different "official" types of army crawls! It was great to spend some time with her! The boys also had a blast playing on the play ground! I also added a few pic's from the airport when Clerie came home!

Aunt Clerie taught them to Army Crawl like a pro!

My boys LOVE to climb! Even the "BIG boy"

OK I know this looks bad, but Mike is really on the other side of the tube holding on to nick!

Nick Loved the tube!

Daddy had to join in the fun too!