Friday, January 25, 2013

January Fun

January is fun:) There is always so much going on!

First we had First Grade Sick Day.  Lucas was so excited to have chicken pocks!  And once again Matt reminded me that he missed his first grade sick day because he threw up on his desk the day before and ruined his brand new math work book.  :)
 Riverdale City had family ping pong:) I'm not good but my boys are and OH they are competitive!
 We had a preschool field trip to Mrs. Cavanaughs!

 And a fun preschool snow day...the snow wouldn't pack so I shoveled it into a big pile and we made ourselves a stegosaurus!
 Then MY kids spent a lot of time sledding at the park:)

 And I spent all day one day popping corn for the family movie night!  My house smelled like popcorn for DAYS!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Fun With The 6th Grade!

One of my all time favorite field trips is the 6th grade field trip to the Environmental Center.  We get to go snow shoeing (and this year we got in Mr. Kelly's group and he's THE best guide!), cross country skiing and we got to craft.  I love the time outside and the time with Matt.  He's the greatest kid and I just LOVE the way he is kind to everyone and looks out for the ones that might not have a friend.  One of the best days ever!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pinewood Derby Fun

I LOVE the Pinewood Derby.  This year we only had Isaac making a car.  It was kinda weird but it was so fun!  He designed is car and worked so hard!  He didn't come in first but he did come in 3rd:) Love that kid

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday Fun

January has the best birthdays:) hahaha just kidding!  But we do have a lot of fun.  This year we celebrated the January birthdays before Stephen and Melissa went back to Indiana.  Melissa, Mike, Livi and myself were spoiled rotten:) We had a fun dinner and being together was the best!

 Then I was lucky to share my birthday with Miss Olivia!  Mary made us matching birthday shirts!  We were going to go breakfast but Preston woke up with croup SO Mike watched Nick while I went to Mary's for breakfast.  And of course....Miss Olivia slept the whole time! hahaha

Then I got to have a fun birthday dinner with my family.  Oh how I adore my kids and hubby!  They treat me so well!

And last but not least....We got to be a part of Livi's first birthday!  She's such a stinkin cute kiddo!  And I'm lucky to have her in my life!