Thursday, January 13, 2011


Every year Mike makes it him mission to spoil me for my b-day. Not necessarily with big expensive gifts, but DEFINITELY with his time and talents! This year because my B-day was on a Monday Mike decided that we needed to spread things out a bit. Friday he wanted to go to dinner and do something fun. BUT of course Ty had plans with a friend so......the rest of us went to dinner at ABC and decided to save the "fun" stuff for Saturday after soccer. Then on Saturday we played at Toads (more laser tag and mini-golf) after Ty won his soccer game :) Saturday night Mike and I got to go to the Adult session of Stake Conference. It was amazing. I left there feeling so uplifted and happy. It's nice to sit in a meeting and actually hear what's being said :) . After that we went out for dessert with friends. It's nice to be surrounded by such great people.

Sunday was Stake Conference and we decided that since Lucas' tummy wasn't happy Mike would stay home with him and Nick. Again, I love being able to listen :) Sunday afternoon Mike made my favorite.....Paprika Chicken. MMMMMMM I love Czech food and this is my FAVORITE! ANYWAY, during dinner Lucas started to say he felt cold. Yeah he was fevered. Then mid-sentence his voice changed. Then he started to cough. Yep, croup. Isaac then pointed out that his eyes were still on fire and the onions were gone. Oh yeah and they'd been bad all day.......SO Mike made a trip to the Doctor. Pink eye and Croup. UGH. At least there are drops and shots to help with BOTH things! Suddenly my birthday didn't hold a lot of potential!Monday was a little, well, nuts. I was going to go to lunch at Mary's so I figured that a heads up to my kids many illnesses would only be fair. What do you know she was sick too! So we decided to reschedule my b-day for a better day. Then while I was talking to Jamie I heard water splashing.....NEVER a good sound to hear. Lucas ha dput an ice cube tray in the bathroom sink and turned the water on FULL BLAST. It was spraying EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. Drawers were open and full, the floor, counter. The ceiling was soaked. GRRRR. After that I loaded up the kids, sick and all, called Mike and told him we were going to lunch. I didn't care if we ate in the car. It wasn't in my house!!! We had a great lunch and I came home to find balloons in my living room. Sweet Jamie. Sure made my day better! Monday night Mike came home and made a quick dinner and then we jumped right to the presents! I got an ITunes gift card, an external hard drive and a beautiful Robert Duncan calendar!

THEN I got to eat my yummy cake. Lucas had insisted on a heart shaped cake with pink frosting. It was even red velvet LOL.Tuesday was a brighter, happier, less sick day SO after teaching preschool I went to Mary's for lunch. It was so yummy. Mmmmmmm baked potato soup, rolls and a yummy chocolate pie! I love my sister and I love spending time with her.Saturday morning I was lucky enough to go to breakfast with my friends. There are several of us that have December,January and February birthdays. It's always fun to go out and just enjoy!!

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST......Saturday night we celebrated the January birthdays with my family. I love that I get to share the month with Mike O. I've known him so long that he's truly my brother! We played at Toads and then had a yummy dinner here at my house! I got some darling and fun presents which is always fun, but most of all I just enjoy spending time with my family!

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