Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pinewood Derby!!!!!

I love Pinewood Derby time! Matt was so excited this year! Due to the current tank obsession at our house he decided he wanted to make a tank. It was so fun. He did the work himself AND was so thrilled when dad came home with an air brush so he could paint the camo!!!

The race was fun as always. Mike and our friend John came up with a spread sheet that handled all of the bracketing (SO MUCH EASIER), and I got to be the line judge (along with our friend who took all of the "photo finish" shots). Matt and Caleb (John's son and one of Matt's VERY best friends) tied for second place!As far as the brother were concerned the "after the race races" were the bet! We always open up the track to siblings after the official racing is over. It's so fun for everyone to feel involved!

It was another PERFECT Pinewood Derby!

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