Sunday, January 30, 2011


I HATE that we spend so much time in the doctor's office this time of year! In all honesty it hasn't been that bad this year, but the last 2 weeks have been sweet Nick just seems to be catching EVERYTHING that comes his way. Last weekend we woke up to his fighting for air. Mike ran him in to the Doctor at midnight, and even AFTER breathing treatments his blood O2 levels were only 82%. Finally he came up to 90% and the Doc let them come home with a steroid shot, liquid steroids and Albuterol. Finally by Wednesday he was totally better. Of course them last night we were back at Wee Care. Double ear infection and Influenza A. Grrrrr. The funny thing was the Doctor. He came in, looked at Nick's file and said "Hey wait, didn't I just see him?" uh yeah. Sadly. Nick's fever was 104.6 with Med's. Poor kid. I'm sure hoping it doesn't make it's way through the whole family!!

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