Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mmmmmm Mrs. Cavanaugh's

Last summer Jamie sent me a list of "factory tours" in our area. Some are things I've done, some are things that the preschoolers wouldn't care about, some are way to far. HOWEVER Mrs Cavanaugh's chocolate factory is in North Salt Lake and the tour is FREE and, well, who doesn't LOVE chocolate? So this year we decided to add it to our field trip list! Lucas was excited for candy, AND to have a field trip too this week!

It was fun to see that it really is still a family owned and OPERATED company. Mrs. Cavanaugh's Granddaughter-in-law was our tour guide and the guy dipping the pretzels was her grandson. And they really do hand dip the chocolates! No wonder they're a little pricey! So yummy though!

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