Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hardware Ranch

This year for Christmas Mom and Don decided that rather than give us all more "stuff" that we didn't need, they would give us the gift of time. Everyone got to draw 2 months for "activity months" and 2 months for "dinner months". That way we get 4 times a year with them, just US AND THEM. I thought it was an awesome idea actually. SO, since January was too nutty for the Ovesons we traded them and got to play this month! We tried to go last week but Nick was sick. Really sick. We rescheduled for this week and....Nick was sick. So I gave him medicine and went anyway! I really just thought it was his ears and planned to go to the Doc when we got home. ANYHOW, back to our" play with Grandma and Grandpa Day". We left Riverdale around 11:00 (post soccer) and headed up to Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area. I haven't been there since I was about4. I remember being there and feeding the Elk as a little kid and was VERY excited to see how the kids liked it. We sent 2 of the kids with Mom and Don so we could take Mike's car. Mike thought it would give the kids more time with them AND save us some $ :). The boys had a blast when it was their turn. Isaac can now teach us all good sunflower seed eating etiquette.

As we pulled up to the Ranch the kids were bouncing in their seats. The Elk were EVERYWHERE and Nick was so excited to see the horses! The visitor center was small but full of awesome animal's and animal pelts! Little boys are so funny sometimes.After we played at the visitor center we headed down for our sleigh ride! The boys all rode in the back of the truck down the hill. Mike and Mom weren't sure about that BUT I figured it was a VERY short ride and it would take care of that desire:)The boys were all so excited! The horses were HUGE. About 2,000 lbs each. There were about 350 Elk there yesterday. The preserve was established to give the Elk somewhere to go other than the farms and cities. They are all so calm and comfortable around people! They know they are safe there! As we were walking down to the "staging area" Mike spotted a white weasel! I've never seen a weasel in the wild before! The sleigh ride was fun. I love going places like this with Mike. He always thinks of questions. At one point our guide said "well, I don't know what else to tell you since you've asked so many good questions". Yep that's my hubby!

When we were finished at the Ranch we headed back down to Hyrum and the Golden Arches for a late lunch. We sat there talking while the kids played for a long time. It was just so nice to sit and chat. We really didn't have to hurry. Well, until Nick's fever flared. BIG time. So we loaded up and headed home!It was such a great day! I can't wait until our next "play with Grandma and Grandpa day!"

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