Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Kat Kid Day At The Utah State Capitol!

This year Matt was chosen as a Kat Kid. It stands for Kids Against Tobacco, and our school works along with the Weber Morgan Health Department and the American Cancer Association to promote a tobacco free zone and to educate the school. It's been fun for Matt and I think he's learned a lot, but he was most excited about going to the Capitol to help with the "Utah State Lobby Day" with the Cancer Action Network. ANYWAY, today started with us being at the school by 6:30. We loaded the bus and headed south! The kids were all so excited it was contagious!We had a great breakfast in the rotunda which was followed by a a lot of information, several awards and presentations. The 6th grade Kat Kids (those that wanted to anyway) had written speeches about being a Kat Kid and their views on the Tobacco Candies that are being marketed. They urged the Rep's and Senators that were there to Vote not to allow them in our State. The kids all researched the issues themselves and wrote their speeches themselves and I was VERY impressed.Once the program was over the kids all got to talk with our Representative Brad Dee. He listened to the kids and discussed their issues with them. Yes it was hurried (after all he's supposed to be working :) He is the Majority Leader after all!) but he didn't make the kids feel hurried. It was fun to watch. The kids felt like they had a voice, which is a HUGE lesson for them to learn at such young ages.Then we went and sat in the Galley and watched the House for a while. This was something that I LOVED. I had a great time explaining everything to Matt. He had fun listening to them debate the bills and then vote. I think I'm going to take all of my big kids down and go on a tour while the Legislature is in session. So fun.

Then it was a quick tour (Matt LOVED the room with a GOLD ceiling and picking statue's noses!!) A yummy lunch and we headed home! It seems like it should have been a short day as I write it all out but it was 4 1/2 hours there. PLUS the drive time. I was tired.Matt, Hailey and Jamie entertained themselves on the way home by playing the snorting game. Let's just say that they also entertained all those around them!This was my 5th field trip in 2 weeks. The cool thing about that is that I have had time with EACH of my kids one on one. It was fun to just be with Matt. Just listen to Matt. I love him so much. He's so quite and yet STRONG. There's no pushing Matt. He's a shining star to all around him. I love you Matt!

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