Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"This Is The Place!!" Cousin adventure #4!

I had never been to "This Is The Place" state park, and when we saw that KSL day was cheaper we decided to go! I was shocked at how much was there to see! I HAD NO IDEA!! Pony rides, a Petting Zoo, Trains, and TONS of pioneer cabins and houses. We met Sister Hinckley's little sister. She goes there every Friday to take people through the cabin that her Dad was born in. She was the sweetest lady and it was a very special experience. We also LOVED the school. The kids loved sitting in the desks with the slates and chalk. They also thought that the Desert Alphabet was crazy!

And best of all (for the big kids) was that they were all on studio 5 !! There was a long segment about summer games you can play, and they were all in it! They're famous! We were there for 7 1/2 hours! We were all beat but happy when we left!

My camera was MIA when we went, so i still need to get pic's from Jamie and Kami and Mary, but eventually I'll get them up!

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