Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cousin Adventure Day #3...Promintory Point

We had another awesome cousin adventure day on Friday! Mike had the day off and was able to join us which was great! The trains were awesome! And learning more about all of the work that went into connecting the country was great! When the Central Pacific workers were trying to blast through the Sierra Nevadas there were days when they only advanced 8 inches. THE WHOLE DAY!!! I think I would have given up! There were 2 great movies that we watched and the kids actually sat and listened and learned! The Jupiter is a wood burning engine and the 119 is a coal burner. Again, something I didn't know! It was so much fun watching the trains run. But Lucas HATED the whistles. They were too loud for the poor little guy. On the way home we decided to take the auto tour of the rail alignment. It's so crazy to drive that and realize the crazy work that went into building that line! On the way home we stopped at ATK Thiakol to see the rocked display. I was amazed at the size of those things! When you see a "section" of a booster that is bigger than 3 of my van's put togehter it makes you feel very small! There are amazing things right here in our backyard!!!

The Jupiter
Our little star!
Watching the 119 roll in

WAY too loud!!
The 119

Mary took some REALLY cute pic's of Nick up there too! I stole them from her blog!

Trains and rockets....what more could a boys want?!?

I loved this sign, and the "nozzel" (below)!

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