Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Every year the 4th grade goes on a biking trip to Antelope Island. They ride the bus to the parking lot on the causeway and then ride their bikes to the island. The bugs on the causeway were HORRIBLE!!!!! Mike said that he thought that there was smoke up ahead, only to realize that it was a swarm of bugs! Some kids were sobbing by the time that they made it across, but Tyler loved it! It was all a great adventure! After the ride they had a picnic and then the kids were told that they could wade up to their knees. Apparently some kids knees go all the way up to their necks! Then they hiked up to the point on the north end of the mountain and then hopped the bus and headed home! The ride was great but the best thing for Tyler was being with his dad all day!

Mikes group was Tyler, Blake, Seth and Ryan

See the bug's???

These are only the bugs that landed on the truck AFTER arriving at the Island!

Sand angels and fun in the Great Salt Lake!!

After the Swimming came a great hike!!!

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