Monday, June 8, 2009

Cousin Adventure Day's 1 & 2

Mary and I decided that this summer we should pick one day a week for "cousin adventure day", and do some of the things that we always say "it would be fun to go to....." and just DO them!

The first "Cousin Adventure Day"one we had was the ZOO. Tyler and Matt were still in school (it was their last day) but Mary and I had a chance to go for cheap so we went! The kids have been to the ZOO quite a bit but they never get tired of it!

The Rhino was RIGHT up against the glass! It was SO COOL!
Boys and water.....what more can I say?

WOW Look at those Monkeys!!!

Our Monkeys in the Monkey house!!

Our second "Cousin Adventure Day" was last Friday. We took the boys to the "Air Show Open House" at the Hinkley Airport. The boys were in heaven. They even got a chance to sit in a plane, and talk to the stunt pilot's that would be flying in the air show! Then we went back to our house to watch "Wipe Out" and play in the water. It was a great day!!!Boom Bang Fire Power! (Look at all of those ribs!!!)Isaac before throwing water on his brother......and Isaac after throwing water at his brother!OK We're all Done!

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mary said...

Too fun!!! Thanks for a great strat to our cousin adventure days!! Can't wait for the rest!!