Sunday, June 14, 2009

Army Crawling with Aunt Clerie!

Friday night we met Mikes family at the park to have dinner and spend some time with Clerie before she heads back to Iraq. She's bee home on R & R for a few weeks now. She brought us some money from Quitar and a soda can in Arabic and some "official"army face paint! She painted their faces and then crawled around the park teaching them the 3 different "official" types of army crawls! It was great to spend some time with her! The boys also had a blast playing on the play ground! I also added a few pic's from the airport when Clerie came home!

Aunt Clerie taught them to Army Crawl like a pro!

My boys LOVE to climb! Even the "BIG boy"

OK I know this looks bad, but Mike is really on the other side of the tube holding on to nick!

Nick Loved the tube!

Daddy had to join in the fun too!

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