Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday (#10)

Today I am grateful for Saturdays. Sometimes they are crazy and sometimes they are slow, but they always mean family time. Today we had Preston's birthday party and then Mom and Don came up and took us all to a movie! Kami watched the baby and so, for the first time since Nick was born the whole family went to a movie! We saw Bolt. It was darling, and despite my headache I loved it! Then we all grabbed food and came back home to eat. As we were sitting around we realized that tomorrow was our monthly day for family home evening all together, and Mom and Don would have to drive back up here tomorrow! In an attempt to save them time (and gas money!) We decided to throw it together and have it tonight! Matt taught a great lesson and despite the tired crazy kids we had a great time! I LOVE family time!

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