Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wet Wipes and a Washing Machine (#11)

Today I am grateful for wet wipes and a washing machine! I had planned on "being grateful" for something far more Sunday appropriate, but............well let me explain! This morning I had just gotten all of the boys ready for church and in the van when I picked Nick up out of his jumperoo to find yellowish pasty goo dripping down Nicks legs and splatting onto my clothes. ICK. Well, Mike and the boys left for church (luckily it was Mikes week to go first), and I grabbed the wipes. 20 or so wipes later we were clean and I was feeling grateful that I live in a disposable world! Then I took all of our clothes and threw them into the washer! I am so glad that I am not a Pioneer!

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Eva Persson said...

I hear ya. We do have our challenges, but being a Pioneer is one I'm glad I don't have. My nephew years ago, when his parents had taken him to church to be blessed, did a number on himself and so his blessing was postponed. Those kids sure know how to time things.