Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nephews (post #6)

Today I am grateful for Nephews. I am lucky enough to have 6 nephews. Tre and Henry live in California and I don't get to see them all that often, but we have a blast when I do! And Tre send cute pictures and notes from time to time! Jonathan lives in Lehi and is a cute little thing! He sang "Happy Birthday" to me over the phone on my Birthday! It was so cute! Zach and Preston and Kyle live about 15 minutes from me and I am so thankful that they are close. I love being an Aunt. I love the fact that I have such a strong love for children who aren't "my own" so much. And I love that my boys will grow up with cousins who are their friends, not just people they see once in a while, and I hope that my nephews will grow up knowing how much I love them!
Isaac and Tre

Tyler, Matt, Isaac, Lucas, Zach and Preston having a ball together!

Kyle rockin out with his Dad and Preston


mary said...

I love my nephews as well! Our boys are so lucky to have each other close! And how many people only have nephews? We have a lot of BOY POWER when you add it all up!!

The Cantwell Clan said...

Nephews are great. Hey, I only have nephews right now too! I even have all "pseudo-nephews" from "Aunt Joan & Uncle Edd" (thus far!) And when they're as cute as all of our nephews how can you NOT love 'em!