Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friends (gratitude post #2)

Today (Friday) I am thankful for friends. I am very blessed to have great friends. Today I was cutting out hundreds of Box Tops with my friend Jamie and we started talking about my pregnancy with Nick and my crazy labor and delivery. My friends and Sister (who is the best friend in the world as well as a great sister) have been taking care of my life for almost the last year! I couldn't walk walk from July on without going into Labor. Mary and Kami and Jamie took care of my kids and me. They were my babysitters! Then I went on the Relief Society Retreat! Mary told me not to go, but I insisted! Kami and Jamie went with me with the understanding that if I went into Labor (which I really didn't think would happen) they would rush me to the hospital! Well I did and they followed the ambulance...and got the hostpital. Kami and Travis stayed with my kids all night and got them to soccer and Jamie took care of keeping people informed and away. Mary kept me calm and cried with me when Nick ended up in the NICU and she brought me a NICU survival kit. My firends have been my life preserver the last 5 months as well. With Nick staying home I would feel very home trapped without wonderful friends who stay with him so I can go out. My friend Michelle comes every Wednesday to give me a chance to get out. Kami and Jamie and Mary and Nona stay with the baby all the time so that I can go to things with the other kids. And Janet and Mryna come every so often during Sacrament meeting so that Mike and I can actually be at church at the same time. Chirstlike love and service makes wonderful friends. I hope I can be as great a friend as mine are to me.

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