Friday, February 27, 2009

Box Tops (#9)

Today I am grateful for Box Tops. After spending 6 1/2 hours today cutting, counting and packing them up it feels almost phony to say that I am grateful for them, but after quite a bit of thought I am! I am thankful for a great friend who decided to take over the "Box Top, campbells, Cream O' Weber milk lids disaster" for the school. We have brought in over 1800 dollars this year just in Box Tops! And in a year like this one, every penny is SO important! I am also so thankful for these big companies that are willing to put together programs to help schools. Our schools are constantly in need of more money, and I think that it's so cool that families that are striving just to make it month to month can get money for the school just by using products that they normally use! SO SO cool!

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Eva Persson said...

Sorry I missed getting my tops to you guys. And I would never make you do the cutting, it's all done by me. Call me next time, I'll help.