Monday, February 23, 2009

Teachers (Post#5)

Today I am very Grateful for my kids wonderful school teachers. They have always had wonderful school teachers. We've never had a teacher that I didn't like! Today we have our parent teacher conferences. It's so great to go and sit with these wonderful people and see all the time and dedication that they put into their professions. They love my kids (everyone's really!) and work so hard to give them the knowledge that they will need to succeed in life. I wish that teachers got more credit. They are expected to do so much and for so little! Thank Heaven for Mrs. Cox and Mr. Fazzio! (And Mrs. Handy, and Mrs Burch and Mrs Stevens, and Mrs Sheen!!!) And of course the world's best Principal Mr. Hales! (unless you realize that my mom was one! and then He's one of the 2 best Principals!)

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