Sunday, June 16, 2013

Utah Summer Games!

This year Matt's team decided to participate in the Utah Summer Games.  I'm OH SO GLAD that they did!  It was so much fun!  The boys played so well!  The wind was their biggest opponent!

Game one: WIN 2-1 

Game 2 Loss 2-4

The Athlete dinner was fun:) My little ones decided that they needed to be Brent's little mini me's.  They were all SO FUNNY!

Game 3 Win 2-1

The boys lost some and won some and when it all came down to it there was a 3 way tie for the championship game!  The organizers decided to break the tie they would look at cards....we didn't have any and the third team in the mix did!  Yeah for good sportsmanship!  Matt's coaches decided to tell the team captains (Matt and Dax) and let them tell the team at the team party!  It was so fun to watch Matt get excited and then try to keep that excitement hidden!

The championship game was SO INTENSE!  The 2 teams were so evenly matched!  It came down to a few little mental mistakes....and we came in second.  After the game the coaches of both teams talked to the boys about how great they all were and how great it was for 2 good teams to play each other.  Such a great learning experience for all of the boys and parents alike!

Championship Game 0-2

We also had a LOT of fun at the most awesome park in Cedar City!!!

We also had fun hiking around in St. George:)

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