Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ty's First Youth Conference!

This week Tyler got to go to his very first Youth Conference!  He was so excited and I was so excited for him! I have such great memories from my Youth Conferences and I couldn't wait for him to make some of his own!

This year our ward decided to go to Kodachrome basin!  One of our favorite places on earth and add to that Ty got to go with Brother Baker (the EXPERT on Kodachrome)!!  They hiked and hiked and hiked (In Kodachrome, at Bryce Canyon and in the Grand Stair Case) and had great fire sides and testimony meeting and Ty came home exhausted and on a spiritual high!  The only problem.....I sent the camera and he took all of 2 pictures:) BOYS!  hehehe

The whole Group

Tyler cooling down in the freezer at the Bryce Canyon General Store:)

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