Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tour de Cure 2013

Well...we decided to try Tour de Cure again this year and after last years ride I wasn't so sure I wanted to!  I was kinda stressed actually.  We were only riding the 62 mile distance which helped:) and Mike kept promising me that every weather organization out there said it was NOT going to be windy.  I was still worried. :(

Then Mike decided that it would be fun for us to ride up to Brigham and then start the ride with our group.  I wanted to but was I stalled...and then decided to just do it!

SO Mike and I left home just after 6 this morning.  The morning was beautiful and calm and I was happy!  THEN about 5 miles down the road the wind started.  And OH it blew.  We kept going and I really tried but holy cow!  It was tough!  Finally we called Mary and Mike and asked them to drive to Brigham the way we were riding and grab me....I'm not as strong as Mike is and I was worried about being able to finish the real ride if the wind wore me out before we even started:)  Mary and Mike picked me up about 5 miles from Brigham:) And I didn't even feel the slightest bit  bad about taking a ride!

We got to the park where the ride started and met up with the Malan's and Mark Ewert.  Mike was only a few minutes behind us.  We got checked in, got our shirts...Mary got her awesome Red Rider jersey!  We took video and pictures and got started!

The wind was a little rough but nothing like last year!  When we got to the first rest stop Kami decided to SAG to the next stop & Mary and I decided to go with her.  Turns out we missed the worst part of the ride! And again...I SO ok with that!  The only bad part was the SAG driver.  I SWEAR he was trying to hit riders!  HOLY COW! Not impressed!  Anyway we met up with the guys at the next rest stop and we were off again!

It was honestly a great ride!  It felt like no time at all and we were at the lunch stop!  After the little hill climb we picked up a friend.  Kami told him that we'd adopt him and he liked that idea:) and suddenly we had a new riding buddy!  His name was Josh Hall and he was riding for his dad.  It was a great fit!

After lunch Mary and I decided that singing was a great way to pass the miles:) It was such a party!

As we pulled in Mom and Don were there with all of our kids!  It was so great!  SO MUCH better than last year!  I actually finished and felt good about it!  I don't look like I'm dying in all of the pictures!  AND they still had the food set up for us! I'm telling ya everything was better than last year!

When it was all said and done I had a great day!  I LOVED riding with my friends and family FOR my friends and family that have had to live with and die because of diabetes.

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