Friday, December 9, 2011

Special Delivery

Today was a wonderful day. I got to go with Tyler to deliver his Eagle project. It was such an amazing day! We left home at about 9:30 and tried to "find" my friend Kristin on the freeway. Now I know that this sounds nuts, BUT she was driving a big moving truck and I figured if we timed it right we'd find her :). That and I drove to 400 north and got off the Freeway to watch for her. It's the perfect spot to watch the freeway for a big moving truck. It worked perfectly! I saw her and caught right up! With only a little snag we made it to the Center on time!My wonderful friend Kristin is the one that helped us set this whole thing up. She has been working like a mad woman trying to put together a Christmas for the families that use the center. She FILLED the moving truck she was driving with Christmas. It was FULL! It was so humbling. Our contribution seemed so small:)Everyone at the center was amazing. They were so nice and so appreciative of all of the work that Tyler had done. After we unloaded everything they gave us a tour of the center. The center exceeded any expectations that I had. They take care of children from babies up through preschoolers all day. They run a Montessori preschool and a traditional preschool. They work with and play with the toddlers (or the waddlers as they call them) all day, hold and love the babies.......and LOVE each and every one of the kids. After our tour Tyler and Nick got to play with the kids. They were so cute and just basked in Tyler's attention. And Tyler loved their attention.
After we finished at the center we got to go with some of the people from the center and Kristin and her hubby to deliver Christmas to one of the families. It was once again a very humbling experience.

As we were driving away I asked Tyler what he was feeling. He was choked up and all he could say was "It was VERY very um.....humbling. Those kids.....they were just so happy. We all know that they don't have much of anything, but they are just so incredibly happy and loving. I'm also amazed at how much people give!"

Yep I'd say that this was a success! I'm proud of Tyler and so thankful to everyone who gave!

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