Monday, December 12, 2011

Science Fair!

One of the "fun" things of 7th grade is the science fair projects. Tyler decided that he wanted to do something about soccer. As he thought about it he decided that he wanted to figure out what the best amount of air pressure was for a soccer ball. We went up to the park and started out with totally flat balls. Tyler decided to check for distance and accuracy. He kicked 14 balls and measured distance and then kicked them again toward the net and tracked accuracy. He repeated the process with 14 full but no pressure balls, 14 balls at recommended pressure and then 14 balls at double the recommended pressure. Then we came home and Mike taught him how to put it all into a spread sheet and how to get the info he needed. It was of course quite the process but in the end Tyler found that the recommended pressure was the best for distance and accuracy. THEN we all had fun putting it together! Tyler was nervous, but he ended up getting an A+!! Way to go Tyler!! Now he gets to go on to district!

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