Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas!! I LOVE Christmas! I love the excitement and the fun and most of all I love a day focused on the Savior. This year it was even better because it was Sunday! I wish that Christmas was on a Sunday every year. Anyway, I should probably start at the beginning:)

We were lucky because the boys all slept until about 6:30! Nick had a hard time waking up at first.....but it didn't take long before they were ALL bouncing up and down with excitement! We always start with a prayer and then they can open their stockings. They were all excited by the candy, their I tunes gift cards, cute hats and other little odds and ends.After stockings we all headed into the living room for presents! I love the excitement in their eyes when they see the tree surrounded by presents. I'm always impressed at how patient they are. I insist that we all take turns opening presents one at a time so that we can all see the things that everyone received. We start with Nick and head up to Ty. One of the best things this year was when Nick opened his Geo Trax Cars Track. He of course was thrilled, but Lucas yelled "AHHH NO FAIR!" to which Nick replied "YES FAIR!!!" The rest of us all just died laughing!! And the funny thing is I got of picture of him saying it!This year each of the boys got an MP3 player. In addition to that Nick's favorite things of course were his Geo Trax set and extra cars and a bunch of other "Cars" stuff.Lucas' favorite things were his really cool car track, and a car for Nick's track. He said that he loved everything......he just can't remember it all :)This year Isaac asked for the "Secrets of Doon" book series, some scripture marking pencils and a good book mark. SO he was thrilled when he got all of that plus some cool Lego sets and his Mp3 player!Matt wanted Lego's and Models....and new shoes. He got those:) plus a bunch more but really Matt's always just happy with whatever he gets. He's so easy:)Ty was thrilled by his Mp3 player (to say the least!) but he also loved his clothes, models, guitar "learn to play the blues" dvd!Mike was thrilled to get new cold weather biking clothes. He also got a trailer hitch bike rack and an ab roller. Yep, he's working out A LOT these days!I was shocked this year to get a Kindle:) P90X and Photoshop Elements! I also go a GREAT book (Prayers for Sale) and several Cd's. I love the way Mike and the boys take care of me!After we finished with presents we had yummy stuffed french toast! I LOVED it! Mmmmmm. And the kids played with their presents!It was such a relaxing morning. Then we headed off to church. It was the best program! I loved it! In addition to all of the songs and scriptures the Primary kids sang Away in A Manger. Really it was Isaac and his back up singers:) He was right in front of the microphone, on key, and knew all of the words. He kinda led the way. It was so fun. Matt and Lucas sang loud and on key and knew all of the words too, but with the mic Isaac killed it!

After church we relaxed and the kids played with their loot until we headed down to Mom and Don's for dinner and more fun! This is the first Christmas in A LONG TIME that Jon's been with us so that was great...even better than the presents:) which since everyone LOVED what they got says a lot! I think Mike was the most thrilled with this RED bike tires.I always love Christmas. I look forward to it all year, but I love it the most when it's on Sunday. I wish we could just have it on Sunday every year! Could there possible be a better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord? I love the way that it helps us focus on Him and His life and sacrifice. LOVE IT!!

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