Monday, December 12, 2011


I love watching my kids and Mike make gingerbread houses. I'm not a builder. I'm a decorator. :)
This year Nick had to build his little graham cracker house for preschool at home and then take it there to decorate. Nick had fun building it with his daddy and Mike had fun the next day hearing about the reaction his chimney got:) Nick had fun decorating it at preschool and was devastated when Missy ate it! Grrrrr. Dumb dog.

SO, the next day I ran to the store and bought a gingerbread house kit. Today the rest of the boys had fun helping Mike build and decorate it, and I had fun taking pictures. I love my family:)

P.S. Ty and Matt were at a Christmas Concert with friends.....we didn't just ban them from the fun:)

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