Friday, December 23, 2011

Am I Muppet? Or Am I A Man??

LOL. Tonight we had the Wittke/Horrocks family party, and we started out by going to see The Mupet Movie. I LOVED IT! It was so good! It was able to keep the same old feel from the Muppet movies and the Muppet Show. I laughed SO hard! Great idea Mom and Don! After the movie we went back to their house for dinner, a Nativity reenactment and presents for the kids. It was great. The kids were so cute as they acted it all out! Then we all shared our favorite scripture about the Savior. Then the kids all got to open a present. Mom had made fleece blankets for each kid and had a pillow for each one too:) They were SO excited to get BYU blankets! Thanks to Mom and Don for such a great time!

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