Saturday, December 17, 2011


We were invited back up to Logan for the Christmas party for the center that Tyler's Eagle project went to. We were excited and a little nervous :) I don't speak Spanish. I SO wish that I did. Mike can stutter through a bit (but of course when he mixes it with Czech it's not so helpful) BUT we did just fine! The food was yummy, the people were SO nice, and the atmosphere was awesome. We got to watch as EACH family visited with Santa and received Christmas for their whole family! They the tables were cleared and the DANCING STARTED!!! It was a GREAT party! The whole night was an almost overwhelming experience actually. So many people who work SO HARD to provide a better life for their children. People who would give everything for their children. AND Angels who spend their lives running a program that will help and support these people. I was inspired and felt such a strong desire to help. Next year I hope to be able to help again. Felice Natividad!

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