Monday, August 30, 2010

Mmmm Chili Sauce!

I love Chili sauce. My Oma always made it and every time we ate Sunday dinner (roast and moon potatoes) at her house we had chili sauce on our roast. And whenever Mom and Dad made omelets.....again chili sauce! SO 10 years ago I decided to get the recipe (thankfully Mom had it) and make my own! My entire family LOVES it on everything! The best part about chili sauce though is that we get to make it together. It's something that the kids can all help with, AND then my house smells AMAZING!!!

Onion Eyes!

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Tauni said...

I always had chili sauce growing up too! My grandparents always had it on roast when we went over for Sunday dinner!

Can I get the recipe from you for it? I would love to make some!!