Sunday, August 1, 2010

Isaac the Teacher

Isaac usually bears his testimony every month. He loves to share what he feels and knows with everyone. He gets up there with his BIG eyes, which he uses VERY effectively to express how he feels, and teaches. It's kinda finny because when he gets up there everyone leans forward and listens to see what he's going to say. Anyway, today he got up and talked about the Atonement. He talked about how he knew that Jesus suffered and took all of our sins upon himself because he loved us. He said that he knew that EVERY drop of blood was for us. Because he wanted to be with us forever. So simple and yet so powerful. Isaac is a special little guy and I am so thankful that he's mine! He also thought it was really cool when the full time Missionary bore his testimony and quoted him. Such a cutie!

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