Monday, August 23, 2010


I love camping. This year we haven't been able to do much because of the Farmers Market. In fact...this is only our second time all summer. I was so excited to just get away for a little bit. BUT before I could leave I had a baby shower to throw on Thursday night, so I got everything packed and Mike and the boys headed up while I did the shower and then I headed up..................I was a little stressed about finding camp in the dark and apparently I was right to be nervous. UGH. I got lost and was SO stressed. Oh yeah and I was also almost out of gas. I kept texting Mike hoping that one would get through and finally I could tell him where I was and I told him to come and get me. I had been praying, he and the boys had been praying. Thankfully all turned out well though and we finally got some DOWN TIME!
Tyler got his own tent! The others took turns sleeping in there with him. They all just love being together!We all got up Friday morning and Mike started to make Blue Berry pancakes when all of a sudden he got a blind spot, which for him means migraine. He only gets one every 2 years or so and I guess that finally getting some down time brought it on! We made a quick trip into town for meds and he was as good as new. BACK to camp and a yummy breakfast! The boys played in the river for a while and then we decided to try to find a place to go shooting. They love to find logs and make them into their ships. Then they turned the river in the Pacific during WWII.

Tyler and Matt had brought up their BB guns and compound bow's. They had been so excited but when the camp hosts saw their "weapons" they told the boys that they couldn't shoot in the camp ground. Mike told them later that they could still sneak in some shooting, but Tyler and Matt said that there was NO WAY they were going to break the rules. They would rather go home without shooting than do that. Oh I love my kids. They have so much goodness in them. Anyway, we drove up towards AVON and found a great little gorge where a lot of people go shooting. They all had SO MUCH FUN! I loved it! We were feeling really relaxed and happy as we headed back to camp only to get 2 flat tires. 2!!! ARGH! We put on the spare, drove back into town and bought a can of fix a flat. Mike took us back up to camp and then went back to Ogden for new tires. He was gone FOREVER! It took so long.

Mike was explaining gun safety to Lucas! So cute!Matt made a really great shot and IZ ran to him and gave him a hug. SO cute!

While he was gone Mary and Mike got there. (Mary realized that her camera hadn't been packed so she left Mike to set up their tent and she ran back home. North Fork is a great spot when you have to keep running home lol). My boys were so excited to have their cousins there. They always have so much fun together. A little while later Tee and Melissa got there. It was so nice to be with some of my family. It's been so long since we've done anything like this together!

Tyler and Matt were our "FIRE MARSHALL'S" for the evening. They did a great job too. They are just growing up way to fast! Yummy roasted hot dogs, HUGE mondo marshmallows, starbursts, everyone was happy and way too full! It was way after dark before Mike got back. I felt so bad because he had to leave by 6am Saturday Morning for the Farmers Market! What a good hubby I have! Tee, Melissa, Mary and I stayed up way to late talking around the.....dying fire. We didn't have more wood so we ended up witting there in the dark chatting until Tyler (in his sleep) yelled at us to be quiet! lol. It was so funny! So we gave in and went to bed!Saturday was a VERY nice VERY relaxing day. Mike had left at 6, and Melissa had a class so she left at like 8:30. Mom and Don came up early and had breakfast with us and then we just all hung out and talked while the kids played in the water. I can't tell you how many times the kids threw rocks "into the water" only to hit each other in the head! The funniest was when Tyler was showing me a rock and after he was finished turned and chucked it towards the river. As soon as he threw it he turned to me with big eyes and a look that said "what the heck did I do?" I said "There are kids over there!" and then we all went silent. Waiting to see if someone would start to cry. Well, someone did! It smacked Isaac right in the back of the head. Kinda funny. Really funny actually but MAN Iz wasn't happy! heheheheheMike got back up to us around 2 and we packed up and headed home! It was fun, relaxing, nutty weekend! I love camping, but most of all I love being with my family!

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